Heavy Heart

I was intending to post about a couple of things today, but that’ll have to wait.  Life with Rudy at home has been good.  He’s had a busy schedule with four doctor appointments in the last two days–we are so grateful for the attention that’s being paid to him.  But more on that later.

I never expected my morning routine to include a roll call of sorts, but essentially that’s what I do when I turn on my computer.  I check on a number of kids every morning by going to their blogs and seeing if there are any updates.  It often serves as inspiration and encouragement to hear from people who are in similar situations.  Unfortunately, there are mornings where it brings tough reminders of the reality we are living in.  That’s what met me when I checked on Kayleigh, whose 11-month battle came to an end.  I thought hard before sharing the link because this is tough stuff, but her father Adam’s writing is so stirring I haven’t been able to shake it all day.  It expands my notion of what walking in faith is all about;  trusting God without the assurance of a favorable outcome.

Once again, I am both impressed by the courage parents can summon and deeply regret the circumstances that evince it.

8 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. Rolf and Trish-This was a hard one to read. We continue to pray for Rudy and the family knowing that all of you are in God’s hands and that all we can do is pray. With much love. Judy

  2. We will add kayleigh’s family to our prayers. She was a miracle from day one.

    Rudy is always in our prayers. Glad he is doing well at home.

    hugs and kisses.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Rolf. It was hard to read (we have a preemie daughter who didn’t make it) but Adam’s writing is indeed beautiful. Our children are not our own–our gracious Father loans them to us for a day, 11 months, or years and years.

    A hug to that cute boy Rudy.

  4. Rolf and Trish,

    That is a real hard thing to post and I did not really want to read it but did. Thanks for your thoughts and our prayers are with y’all and with that family. I’ve always admired you and Trish during our seminary years and it has been magnified many times by y’alls faith and love. God bless

  5. This was intensely difficult reading, so much so that I could not respond afterwards. I could not find earlier posts very easily so don’t have a grasp of their entire story at all, but was certainly able to experience some of their pain, their deep love for their lovely little girl and that strange and wonderful mix of grief and gratitude that flows in when a loved one who is held by God passes from this life to the next. Kayleigh’s struggle is over, but her parents’ continues, albeit in an entirely different way. May the peace of God fill them – and you, as you contemplate the multiple layers of ‘stuff’ this story stirs in you. Love to you all, this evening of cool, moist air in our fire-singed city.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this story of little Kayleigh. What a blessing she was to her mommy and daddy. Prayers for her family and for you all as you grieve with them.

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