Where has the week gone?

Fun at home!
Fun at home!
Hello dear friends!!!! 
The lack of posts this week is less an issue of having no information to share and more due to the fact that life with Rudy home is busy…leaving little time for any of the “extras” in our routine!  I’m embarrassed to admit that I crashed on the couch well before the big kids’ bedtimes more than once this week.  Ha Ha  The adjustments continue, for sure, but the good news is that Rudy is doing well and enjoying life at home since his discharge last week. 
Our week was filled with many appointments as a  follow-up to his discharge.  Everything is checking out okay.  Rudy’s SB cardiologist feels his Glenn may need to be scheduled within the month.  My prayer has always been to have Rudy home for a full 2 months before we engage in the next open heart surgery so I continue to hope we can put it off until July.  A heart catheterization is scheduled for June 4th which will help determine when the Glenn should be scheduled. 
One of Rudy’s appointments was with a pediatric eye MD in Ventura.  There has always been concern about Rudy’s eyes wandering and, often times, fixated to the left.  This was particularly evident when he was in the hospital but I’ve noticed a distinct improvement since we’ve had him home.  The opthamologist feels there may be a need for surgery in the future but would like to give Rudy’s eyes a chance to strengthen and correct themselves.  We’ll reevaluate in a couple of years.  He’ll definitely need glasses which will be prescribed when he starts to walk but, otherwise, his eyes are healthy for which we’re very grateful!!
When we weren’t off to an appointment, I was home on the phone working to set up various services for Rudy and trying to navigate the whole insurance/medical services system.  This is not one of my strengths so I probably made it more frustrating for myself than need be.  I told Rolf last night that if taking care of Rudy is all that we had to do, the journey would be pretty simple…it’s all the logisitics and communication with outside agencies that complicates the process for me…a bit of a challenge for an introvert, I guess!
The older kids are starting to wind down their school year as the official countdown is on (just 3 more weeks!) and in that there are a ton of special school activities and programs to prepare for so they are quite busy, busy, busy!!!  It’s pretty staggering to think about the fact that Rudy came just one month after school started and is settling in at home just one month before the school year ends – forget “where has this past week gone?”…where has the school year gone?!!!!  Life is speeding by at rocket speed…with the Glenn just around the corner, I don’t imagine life will slow down anytime soon but I do welcome the lazier days of summer.  🙂 

15 thoughts on “Where has the week gone?

  1. As I’m reading this post, Renee is asking (over and over), “Can you let them talk? Can you let them talk?!”) She miss all those kiddos, too.

  2. Rudy is looking so good with the rest of those kiddos. Prayers for continued good health and a peaceful transition into summer.

  3. Look at those beautiful blue eyes! I had a vision of little toddler Rudy walking around with cute little glasses and that curly hair…it just might be the most adorable thing ever!

  4. Glad to hear all has been well. We will continue to keep you all in prayer and look forward to a fun healthy summer for all.
    Hugs and kisses to all thoes great kids.

  5. Sooo cute, the pictures. Continued thoughts and prayers for Rudy and family. I missed the posts, but was hoping all was well-it is.

  6. Thanks for the post! We were starting to go through withdrawal! Glad to hear all is gong well on the Rudycoaster. Hope the ride continues to go smoothly for a while longer, but keep your hands close to the grab bar!!

    Lovin’ you all from Kansas!

  7. Whew! Got my ‘fix’ for the week! Glad you’re doing okay, but surely understand how rigorous all the toting and phoning and sorting of paper work can be. Will pray that this next surgery can wait a while…

  8. wow rudy looks so much like his siblings i never realized how much until now god bless you all Liz

  9. Great to hear from you again….I know you must be so busy not only with Rudy, but with getting the other kids’ needs met. Our prayers are regular for you dears.

    Hey Rudy looks more and more like his siblings! Darling pictures!!!

  10. Rudy is looking more and more Geyling-like in these photos. The last one I especially got the “feeling”. So glad you are busy at home…I hope the next surgery will wait till July. Time is so precious to you all! Can’t wait to hear the next installment. Lots of love from us all here!!

  11. It was so good to read todays post, what a way to start the day. So many times checked in this week, told myself hopfully everything was ok, just very busy, I can only imagine. Sat with Nick and his family in New York last eve. watching Mary Poppins, kept peeking over to enjoy the smile on his face, of course his Dad ran home from the train station to get his glassed. He has been to the dentist and orthodontist this past week, prayers Rudy will enjoy so much of LIFE, glasses and teeth{little problems with HLHS, watch the teeth}. Think of your family and Rudy all the time, Nick’s Grandma

  12. Rudy fits right in with the rest of the beautiful Geylings-he’s so handsome with his hair “tamed.”

    Don’t worry about trying to post often (although I had to check twice a day just to be sure I didn’t miss anything); we’ll assume no news is good news, and you do have a life, after all!

    Praying for as much at home time as possible for Rudy before his next procedure. Enjoy!

  13. ALL of your kids are so precious!! They are so very fun, and their character always shows in the photos you share. We can’t wait to see what character Rudy adds to the clan!

  14. What BEAUTIFUL children you have…each and every one!
    What a blessing children are…no matter what their personalities
    or physical talents or limitations…each is precious!!! Luci’s
    Birthday was this day-May 15th and she is now 13!! A Teen!!
    How fast the years go and how precious each day is!!!
    We love you and keep praying for you!

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