One Final Mother’s Day Accolade

Some of you might have missed this tribute to Trish when it aired on TV, so I figured I’d post a link here.  Obviously I’m not the only one who recognizes her brilliance.

While I’m posting, I should say how much I appreciate kind feedback about my poetic gifts, but need to clarify that I didn’t write the poem in yesterday’s post (note the attribution to “author unknown”).  While I’m confessing, I should also add that the Mother’s Day wining and dining Trish requested consisted of McD’s for breakfast (but I brought it home so I thinkg I get credit for breakfast in bed) and then In-N-Out for dinner (which got her to change out of her pajamas at 6pm).  All told, our bill for the day of dining out was about $44.38 (but you’ll have to ask Trish because she handles the receipts).  We lead a charmed life.  Call me Captain Suave.

7 thoughts on “One Final Mother’s Day Accolade

  1. That is HILARIOUS. Thanks so much. I needed a good laugh this morning as I had to work on Mother’s Day and therefore choose TODAY as the magic stay-in-my-pgs-until…..??? day. So glad Trish had a restful and cost-efficient day. :>)


  2. I’m glad the world finally realizes what we have known all along! It’s about time Trish got the recognition she deserves! Well done!

  3. Must tell you, I received this tribute also, from my daughter-in-law, which coming from a in-law, shows there’s enough love in this world for everyone, we have been blessed. We spent about the same amount having our married kids and grandchildren, plus my 90 yr. old Dad over….what meant the most- We Were Together. Hope everyone is doing well, Dawn’s Mom

  4. I am so glad you all got to spend the day together. That was a present in and of itself. Continued prayers for your whole family.

  5. Trish and Rolf, Sorry to see that Brangela (Brad and Angela) were miffed that you won the award… what a hoot!!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day everyday! Love, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick

  6. HA HA! Yes, you heard I sent “your” poem to Joe to show him what Rico Suave would do. So, that is funny that you didn’t actually write it!

    Hope the fires are slowing down and air is getting better! We think of you all the time. Can you feel it? Much love, love, love…

  7. We do have much in common. Number of children and all. Thank you for your contact. I stole the heart mom poem from your site. . . I streamed tears when I read it. Hang in there.

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