Monday…still on course

I’m glad to say there’s not much new to report, other than Dr. Sonal being one of the most compassionate practitioners of medicine ever.  Rudy was put on pressure support last night and in short order the vent alarm was ringing due to the leak around his trach (in this case a leak is not a negative thing).  Nurse Bobby and the RT tried to work with it for several hours until they finally determined that Rudy likely didn’t need what little help it might be giving so Dr. Sonal gave the OK to shut it off at 12:30am.  I enjoyed a peaceful six hours of slumber–which qualifies for “sleeping in” in the ICU.

Today brought a very good omen as we found ourselves in the care of Nurse Trina, who oversaw our first discharge.  She’s on for the next 3 days so we’ll hope the precedent holds.  Rudy’s had a calm morning and it looks like the previously stated plan for Wednesday Friday is still in place.  We had a good feeding session with OT Nicole where he ate a full 10 spoons of rice cereal.  Hard to believe it as we mixed it with the formula (which tastes like crap), but it seemed a new and interesting experience. 

In the midst of things, I’m very pleased to be able to help Trina fix her computer as it seemed to be plagued by viruses.  I suspect she thinks I’m much more tech-savvy than is actually true, but if she handles the viruses in my kid, maybe I can help a bit with those in her laptop.  If you’re reading this, Trina, then maybe my fix worked.  In case it didn’t work, I won’t say anything else nice about Nurse Trina as she’ll probably be mad at me and won’t be able to log on and read it anyway.

I said I’d leave at 1:30 and it’s now 2:30, so the little guy has worked his magic again.  It’s just so tough to pull yourself away.  In this instance, I’m glad to be torn because he’s so alert and engaged.  As Trish is feeling a bit under the weather, we might leave Rudy in the good hands here on Tuesday and rest up for the second coming back home in Goleta.

I better get out of here now.  Really.  I mean it.

8 thoughts on “Monday…still on course

  1. I continue my prayers for all of you, but tonight I pray especially for Trish who is Superwoman in my eyes! Here’s hoping you feel better soon! And I pray for a pleasant and healing night for Rudy.

  2. Well I can’t believe this post has been up for over 8 hours without a comment, so not to leave it unanswered, we are praying for a departure on Friday!

  3. Well, I am off to bed and just checking in. Glad things are going well and looking good for going home soon. Prayers, hugs and kisses for all.

  4. GLad the little guy is so alert and engaged and feeling better. Praying for his homecoming and for Trish to feel better, as well.

  5. Please tell OT Nicole I said hello! We used to work together at Cottage! She is wonderful…and I’m so glad she has been able to meet you all. Hang in there Rudy and get home soon!
    Krista (Bondshu) Stuerman

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