It’s been a Sunday of calm routine here in the PICU.  Rudy sleeps.  Rudy eats.  Rudy poops.  But most importantly, Rudy breathes.

I can’t believe it took me almost seven months, but last night as I was walking to dinner I popped into CVS and bought some ear plugs.  Took all of two minutes and $1.69.  It was a move that afforded me something closer to REM sleep for a few hours, but by 4AM even the vent alarm going off every 3 minutes penetrated these defenses.  I was prepared to endure until morning rounds for the team to give the order to put him on trach collar, but Dr. Sonal brought relief to me and Nurse Bobbie a few hours earlier when she checked on Rudy at 6:30am and decided it was time to take him off the vent.  As we’ve got some time before the antibiotics run their course, it’s likely we’ll give Rudy another break tonight and let him sleep with the vent on pressure support (why doesn’t that alarm bother him?), but he’s been very calm and comfortable on room air all day with sats right were they should be.

Dr. Andy laid out a plan during rounds that he would let the antibiotics course finish on Tuesday and look to discharge Rudy on Wednesday.  His one request was that no one discuss this plan in Rudy’s presence.  So, as far as Rudy knows, we’re leaving on Friday.  That way, we’ll have him out of here before he has time to pull one of his pre-discharge tricks.

Wednesday Friday can’t come soon enough.

9 thoughts on “Shhhhhhh……Wednesday…..shhhhhh

  1. Becareful, there may be a nurse sweet on him and giving him access to your computer! Prayers for the big day!

  2. Oh my, your posting brought smiles to my face. I will look forward to more great postings of yours. Keep it up Rudy!

  3. you guys still don’t know….Rudy calls the shots, he know when he is going home before ANYONE else, love him, Dawn’s Mom

  4. Ha ha ha….you guys are so gullible…thinking you can pull one over on Rudy! Haven’t you learned, yet!! Just the mere fact that you have a plan for Rudy surely means that it is ruined. Best throw it all out and just Let It Be! You control freaks humor me!

    Loving you all with a great big smile on my face!!

  5. SHHHHHHH You can try and keep this a secret but Rudy is very, very smart you know. Pssst Rudy, I think you’re going home soon! YIPEE!

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