Smooth sailing on Tuesday

Time for a quick post as we’ve got fire again in SB.  The lights just flickered here at the office so I’ll rush to get something up in case we lose power.

I just called down to the ICU and got a good report from Nurse Dawn.  She said that Rudy is calm and happy.  His sats have been holding right where they need to be.  He got his last antibiotic dose this morning and the last set of labs was perfect.  The cardiology team rounded this afternoon and concurred with the discharge plan, so we’re set to go.

Trish, having taken today to get rested up, will make the drive to go fetch him tomorrow.  Turned out she just had a virus which seems to have run its course.  I slept well in my own bed so we’ll be ready and energized to have Rudy back home–the big kids can’t wait.  Stay tuned.


Final footnote–there might be some of you who might be wracking your brain wondering where you’ve heard of Nurse Dawn before.  Check out more about her other work here.  Rudy’s got himself a celebrity nurse!

7 thoughts on “Smooth sailing on Tuesday

  1. Great News! Can’t wait to hear all are home and settled in. Safe trips each way and hope the fire is under control soon too.
    Hugs and kisses.

  2. we forget , we also get sick…..guess we really forget about mom and dad…..that’s life….as old as we get……prayers, Dawn’s Mom

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