32 thoughts on “Home at last…sleep tight, Rudy

  1. What a great way to end my day! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Sleep tight little one. Enjoy your first full day at home tomorrow.

  2. Welcome home sweet baby. Sleep well Geylings. All under the same roof. Thank you Lord for this marvelous blessing.

  3. That is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a LONG time. Rest well little friend, welcome home.

  4. God bless you all – such a rich mix of experiences in the last few hours/days. Fatigue/elation/relief/concern/euphoria/gratitude. May you find enough internal space to experience each and every one of these realities. I know you will be surrounded by loving friends and family in days ahead – and that the scary new stuff you have to do will very quickly become routine. May you each find room in your days/nights to savor this, to find the right balance between Rudy-care and self-care and other kid-care, and to just focus on one minute at a time, one step at at time. Bless you all.

  5. So after the hussle and bussle of hospital life with people watching 24 hours a day and with little alarms going off all the time, what will Rudy think to a nice quiet house with no noise?!

    Glad you are home at last!

  6. Welcome home Rudy!! You are so loved and soooo popular. God bless all of the Geyling’s with his peace.

  7. Wow!! What a journey! Its so wonderful to see him in his bed. I know you didnt get any sleep and watched him sleep all night. I am looking forward to holding him. Im so glad for you all. Ill see you all soon!!! God bless you all!! always xoxo! Go Rudy Go!!!

  8. My wife and I have been following Rudy for quite some time. We are close with Vickie and Alan and we had the privilege to have met Katie.

    We are so glad that Rudy is doing well and we are truly excited that you have him with you. Your entire family must be going crazy with joy 🙂 We wish Rudy and your family all the prayers and well wishes we can offer.

  9. I am so happy for you all and so grateful to our God. What a wonderful Easter gift! Enjoy the newly-full house.

  10. Words can’t express how happy I am for all of you that he’s finally home! Rudy is such a miracle and has touched so many. I feel truly blessed for having the privilege of taking care of Rudy.

    Take care little man! Get big and strong, so your Glenn will be a piece of cake.

  11. What a beautiful sight!! What a beautiful boy! What a wonderful God! Blessings to you Geylings, we are so very happy for you all!

  12. That’s what I call SLEEPING well ! He looks so comfy ! This is so exciting ! Six months later… 🙂
    This is amazing – all your family under one roof again !

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