Where’s the Doctor Parade?

We all had a great night’s sleep.  Rudy is experiencing lots of something he hasn’t before–peace and quiet.  Not sure what he’s thinking, but he is calmly looking around a lot in these new surroundings.  He’s breathing well and just drank down his whole bottle this morning.  It’s almost ten and I think he’s wondering why the morning doctor parade (rounds) is late.  Hope they aren’t too sad down at UCLA.

Trish and I are getting ourselves set up here with Rudy’s equipment, medicines and now understand why hospitals throw so much away–much easier to toss things and get a new one out of supply next time than clean and store.  But we’ll get the system down.

We so appreciated Greg Lawler coming down and taking pictures most of the day through discharge, the drive and arrival home–I think some people were wondering if we were famous enough to have a papparazzo running around us and snapping away.  Can’t wait to see the pictures, but he was nice enough to post a great one to get us started.  While you’re at Greg’s site, Livy fans might want to check out his pictures of her ice skating trip.  She’s the one with form like Sonja Henie and teeth like a Detroit Red Wing.  Nice to know talented people–thanks, Greg.

15 thoughts on “Where’s the Doctor Parade?

  1. Rudy’s probably wondering why he can’t hear those buzzers going off! Yea right. Have a wonderful day with your entire family under His wings. P.S. Rudy is famous enough for papparazzi! He is a star to us all! Love, Cousin Dianna

  2. Great to see that everyone is together…a blessed event and just in time to celebrate the Resurrection! What a week this will be!! WE are so excited for you all even though it must be just a little daunting to be Rudy’s parental and medical support! Praying for continued smooth transition and healthy progress toward the next milestone….speeaking of which, what is the next milestone? …..Oh, nevermind, just enjoy this moment!! Love you, Steve

  3. Oh, what a precious post to know your first night went well. Did you sleep at all? What a treat now for Rudy to be with the family and see how it all works!


  4. Praise the Lord you are home. What a great team the Lord gave you for Rudy…but we know, that you were a blessing to them just as well. May this wonderful and blessed Resurrection Day be the most blessed you have ever known with all of your family together praising Jesus that because He lives, we too shall live. Much love with continued prayers for wisdom and strength. Hugs, Faye and Don

  5. Too cool. Great photo of the kids. The photos of Olivia ice skating….I can’t believe how grown up she looks now. Looks more and more like Trish everyday. Here’s to many more peaceful nights at home for Rudy and the Geyling Gang.

  6. Oh Wow!!! How wonderful! Congratulations!!! We are so excited here in Montana thinking of how it must have been to be able to take your elevator ride down, out to the car and to home!!!!!!!!! What a sweet picture of Rudy in his crib at HOME! Praise the Lord!!! Hugs. Tom & Jeannine

  7. WOW! No words to express how happy we are for you and this home coming! tearing up looking at Rudy in his crib without all the wires and cords. How happy for you and him! We look forward to seeing you in your element in SB.

  8. What a sense of calm you now have. It takes a while to get used to. I still am but next thing you know he will be rolling around and getting under your feet. You better start the baby proofing now. love you all. xoxo. Go Rudy Go!! So happy your home.

  9. What a beautiful family. Together. Perfect title for the homecoming. Love you guys.

  10. I saw a couple of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen on Olivia’s face today — I know the whole family is happy to be together sans doctors!

  11. Second time commenter but a fan of Rudy’s since he was first introduced to me on Katie’s blog….I am so overwhelmingly happy that Rudy is home – what an incredible journey you have all been on…..There are so many Rudy fans out here who are just so ecstatic by the events of the past few days (and the past 6 months!!) What a wonderful feeling to know that you are all together at HOME !!!!!! Go Geylings Go!!!!!!!!
    Peaceful days ahead!!

  12. Trish, just wanted you to know I made a BRIEF trip to the helipad last night for all the RIGHT reasons! I miss my regular Rudy visits but wanted to thank Him who sent you home. Love to all, Nurse Joyce

  13. Sorry I didn’t get by to say good-bye but that means Rudy was discharged faster than any of us could have imagined. I know you didn’t want to think that he might make it home for Easter because of previous disappointments but Praise God look what happened!!! Take care and lots of hugs and love to you all.

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