Rudy’s in Santa Barbara!

Trish, Rudy, and I have just entered Santa Barbara city limits–almost home and very excited!

As a side note to all of those concerned citizens out there, Rolf is not writing this while he’s driving. Someone at the office is putting it up for him.

38 thoughts on “Rudy’s in Santa Barbara!

  1. I’m the first to comment after Rudy ARRIVED IN HIS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tearing up as I write this – also teared up to read of you holding your son, Rolf, without worrying about getting tangled in lines. God bless you guys! Our prayers for the Geyling “family reunion” inside your home in Santa Barbara are answered. Thank you Father.

  2. I’m so stoked! You guys are gonna have dinner together for the first time eh? Can’t wait to visit you in the next few weeks…it’s going to be amazing. Give our love to the big kids!

  3. HOORAY!!!! I’m overjoyed for you all! I can’t wait to share this incredible news with friends here in Richmond who have been praying for Rudy.
    Love you guys!

  4. Yay!!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I wish Paul were home so we could rejoice together. I look forward to reading tomorrow about his first night at home!

  5. Ted and I are so over the top happy for all of you. Can’t imagine how excited the kids are. Rudy is for sure our #1 hero. Wonder how long we can keep Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick in Kansas!!! Ditto on the GOD IS GOOD.

  6. Oh…finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for! How excited we are with you all! I’ll touch base with you tomorrow, Trish! Probably via email, as I know you will have your hands very full.

    We are smiling from ear to ear with you! Enjoy your first night at home with that sweet little bundle of joy!

    Love to all of you,


  7. Wow, what a day. The ‘sox win their home opener and you all have Rudy at home. I didn’t think life could get any better, but Rudy at home is the best news. Go Rudy.

  8. We are so excited for all of you !
    Sweet Dreams Rudy.
    God’s Blessings to you all .
    Diana & Glenn Savage
    ( Mike’s Mom & Dad )

  9. Tears are streaming down my face with this wonderful news! I feel like many, many prayers have been answered. My continued prayers are being offered up for this new beginning for you and Rudy in Santa Barbara. God bless all of you.

  10. Yeaaaa! Praise God. What a gift to log on and see your message that you are home by now. I am going to CELEBRATE!!!! xxooR

  11. Oh yeah!!! Going back to the PRS, I think you need to call it the PRS2 because Opa tried the first design about 45 years ago on Andrea. So glad you made it home safely – a lot of glancing into the back seat, I imagine. And what a party, but also a lot of adjustments tonight. Hope there’s a little sleeping in the midst of it all… WE LOVE YOU!

  12. Ditto on the tears streaming down my face!! What joy I feel for all of you and Glory to God for all He has done in Rudy’s life. Rudy, you have touched my heart like no other, the minute I saw those eyes of yours, I knew you were going to fight and fight and fight. God has done a wondrous thing in you and I know you are meant for great things. By the way Rolf, I showed your PRS to some NICU nurses that I work with, who knows, one of our babies may benefit form your invention! Blessings to all of you!

  13. Hurrah, hallelujah, tears of joy and and praise God!

    and then there’s the new little one who will be the focus of staff attention for….who knows how long…..prayers for her…for them.

    xoxo Linda

  14. Praise God!!!!! What amazing and wonderful news my friends! We are all so happy to hear this! We are dancing with joy in the Walsh home that Rudy is going home!!!!

  15. Kyra: “Yeah Rudy, Yeah Rudy, Yeah Rudy!!!” (cheering while hopping around the house like a kangaroo).
    Maya: “the prayers I blew half to Rudy and half to God (for him to take them to Rudy) worked!” 🙂

    We love you and are sooo thrilled for you… keeping you in our prayers as you settle into all the home care routines.
    big hugs,

  16. Welcome home Geyling Family! Enjoy every snuggle under the same roof. We Chases are rejoicing along with you!

  17. Writing with tears in my eyes. Carol R told me you were on your way home with Rudy. Prayers answered. The kids at Sacred Heart send their prayers to Rudy, too.

  18. A big woo hoo from the whole fam!

    …and we won’t stop praying for all the set up, adjustment…and just that you can have some great whole family time in your living room, in the kitchen, in the yard, in the car….wow! This is so amazing!

  19. We are so happy that the struggle came to a good end! We have been following all the ups and downs with big emotions. We wish Rudy and you all all the best for the time to come! And we will follow the upcoming events!
    Astrid and Dieter, Austria

  20. WELCOME HOME RUDY! Praise God! Just think of all of the travel time that will now be Rudy time, plus taking a strain off the family. I hope to see you in-the-flesh soon.
    Once more, welcome home little brother,

  21. Sending lots of love to all the Geylings. I know Home will feel everso sweet. Congratulations. All of you sleeping under one roof–what a joy ! God is good !!!!!
    Betty and Michael

  22. Pete and I are so excited that your family is together again in Santa Barbra!! We’re really sad that we missed the chance to say good bye but the plane flight from Central America to UCLA was a little expensive. Your family has taught us great lessons on love, courage and the power of focusing on the positive. We we’re so happy to have shared our first Christmas with you all and it is one we will never forget. Thank you for being an inspiration in our live’s. Rudy is an angel sent from above to remind us all of God’s blessings.






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