This might be the most compelling reason to get Rudy off the vent!!!

Sure, we know that Rudy’s ability to breathe on his own should probably be the primary factor in the decision, but Trish and I would also like to let it be known that eventually the alarm from the vent will lead to our own institutionalization.  We’ve mentioned before that the leak around the trach sets off an alarm on the vent.  There’s a medical reason for this.  The leak is a good thing, but I can’t really tell you why after having to sleep next to the machine last night.  You can’t shut the alarm off, but you can disable it for a few minutes which means the nurse needs to walk over about every 3 minutes.  Might want to reserve a few extra beds on the psyche floor downstairs.  I think we’ll all be going together.

We’ve told you it’s annoying, but it may be better to let you hear for yourself.  Turn your volume up as loud as it will go and then play the clip repeatedly for about 3 hours.  For bonus points, try to take a nap.  You’ll see why we celebrate that they can turn the machine off as Rudy is able to go on collar sprints for 6 or 7 hours now.  But we still can’t get the sound of that alarm out of our heads…sometimes it’s even louder than the voices.

9 thoughts on “This might be the most compelling reason to get Rudy off the vent!!!

  1. Okay, so that’s not even a good beat to dance to. I tried to sing a tune to the beat and I must say it’s not sounding good. It’s bit too classical for me….more like a warm up for opera, you think? So….let’s go for over 6-7 hours Rudy, you can do it! We really need to get rid of that alarm buddy! Go Rudy go!

  2. aaahhh the sweet sounds of success! I remember them well. The only good thing is that the leak is there right. ?! Im glad to see you are still decorating and I am even more happy you got a visit from Ceasers family. I miss you guys and Im glad to see you are on an upswing. all our love and kisses!! Go Rudy Go!!

  3. Sounds like Rudy is trying to ‘beatbox’ like Vanilla Ice (or the guys from Teen Club at 28th St)…

    Call Professor Gondek so he can get enrolled in UCLA’s online class ‘Music c90G (wind ensemble)’… or, Russell Simmons might sign him.

    Hope the sprints get longer so you can get more sleep (hint: gauze and a bandaid might muffle the sound)

  4. Wow! Something new to pray for…how annoying is that alarm!!!!! I am even more imipressed with your endurance after listening to that video just twice! You all are amazing. Not only will I pray for Rudy’s progress off the vent, but also that he will not become so accustomed to that sound that it becomes like a comfort food for him. AHHHHHHH! The mere thought would drive me crazy!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. When Nick was about 2, we were out shopping….he heard a page in the store….looked up at me and said “they have doctors here, too”……we laugh about it now…..but pray for Rudy to get home, and welcome his questions about beeps, buzzing, all the hospital noises he has heard……….keep those fists Rudy, love it…….Nick’s Grandma

  6. Oh yes what a sound. Remember when months ago you jumped everytime it went off???
    Now it just drives you crazy which actually is good, Rudy is stable, that makes the sound even more annoying.
    Ok Rudy show them all tht you wont need the vent enmore.
    Love you little foghter!!!!!

  7. Ugh, yes…remember that thing well! Glad it’s annoying you *all*, including Rudy – time to get it on out of there.

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