Makin’ it look easy!

We are so grateful for the week Rudy’s had.  It’s Friday evening and Trish and I just switched places.  We’ve learned from experience that things need to be taken slowly with Rudy and we’re hesitant to claim progress prematurely, but we are very encouraged that he’s taken feeds for five days without interruption.  For now, the rate of increase is slower than in the past but that’s just allowing us to watch things more carefully.  He’s about to go up to 14cc per hour so we’re in the range where things got problematic in the past, but indicators look really good–he’s stooling well, there’s no sign of lymphatic leakage and his stomach is emptying well.

There is a huge difference in his breathing.  Amazing the difference some good calories make.  Today’s order was for two 6 hour sprints and Rudy’s making it look easy.  He was a bit fussy this morning so I wonder what Trish was doing to him, but since Aunt Cora and I got here, he’s been very calm and content.  Right now, he’s been enjoying a few hours on Cora’s lap before we have to take her to the airport–thanks to Uncle Brian and the Alabama cousins for letting her join us for the week. 

That’s the report for tonight.  So glad for calm and peaceful days where we can see the progress Rudy is making.  Thanks for continuing to pray for Rudy.

5 thoughts on “Makin’ it look easy!

  1. So glad to hear Rudy’s progress! Slow but steady is all that any of us can ask for. Those six hour sprints are incredible!

    Continued prayers from CT

  2. This is doing my heart good this morning. i will pray for a peaceful and progressive day for you and Rudy. Blessings

  3. What great news and Rudy looks so content drinking from the bottle. He is surely precious. I know you have a lot to lesrn honey, but just take it one day at a time. If it takes longer to learn a certain proceedure, than take what ever time it takes. Once you are home you are on your own so to speak. I love you and Rolf for what you are doing for your son abd our grandson. We love you. Grandpa Dick

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