Nothing to report but progress

Love those peaceful Saturdays!  Rudy has been very mellow today–probably because his night owl behavior was in full force last night.  The docs had been weaning him off of his methadone so they decided to hold that for the day in case some of his fussiness during the day yesterday and last night was due to withdrawal.  He’s on such a minor dose anyway at this point–we have plenty of time to get him off that while we work on the priority issues.  I also think he’s just being fussy like babies are–nothing overly alarming as far as heart rate or saturations.  What baby doesn’t go through phases of fitful sleep?

Speaking of the other issues, when it comes to breathing I think Rudy might just be showing off.  Today’s order was for two 7-hr sprints and he was so relaxed as he came to the end of the first that the team decided to link the two together without a break, so he’s doing one big one of 14 hours.  The team is hoping to get Rudy to a place where he’s on the vent only at night and, provided he keeps this up for a few more hours, he’s almost there.

We have good nutrition to thank for the course things are taking.  The feeds are now at 15cc/hr and there’s been almost no fluid coing out of the JP drain (about 10cc over the last 24 hrs).  As he’s done very well at this level for the past few days, the team decided to up the rate of increase to 1cc every 6 hours.  It seems to be giving him lots of energy to breathe and probably also contributes to his fussiness.  He’s not as lethargic and passive as he was a week ago.  While he was frustrated last night, I was surprised at just how hard he could clench his fists.  Up until now it was pretty easy to open them up, but that’s not the case–he’s got quite a grip. 

His being active does make tending to him a bit more challenging, but I fully welcome it if it’s his way of telling us he’s sick of being in the hospital.  Stay ornery, Rudy, we’ll fight our way out of here!!

12 thoughts on “Nothing to report but progress

  1. We’re all cheering this week’s progress for Rudy. Answered prayer! Perhaps a child development specialist on the team could give some insight about periods of fussiness. We all remember that every baby goes thru these times…pointintg to a normal state of affairs. I have wondered whether Rudy isn’t frustrated by wanting to move or pick up a new skill, or get away from the alarm noise just as you all are. I wonder if it all isn’t another sign of progress. Need some duct tape for the leak?
    Blessings to all of you.

  2. It was so good to be there with you Rudy-boy. I didn’t sleep much last night on the plane, but at least I didn’t have to listen to that! Seriously, ear plugs? Eveyone loved the Diddy Riese – Josh wants to open a franchise here on campus. Love you, Aunt Cora

  3. Yeah Rudy! Make some good fists. Your great grandfather was a boxer, so he would be proud!

  4. Great News! Glad to hear you are doing so well, hope for even better news tomorrow. Wish I was close enough to visit you myself. Just got back from a visit to Rady’s Childen’s Hospital in SD. You are one of three great kids I pray for each day, keep up the good progress Rudy, I’d like to meet you when you are down our way some time.
    Hugs and kisses.

  5. I think this is the greatest post so far. It sounds like Rudy is in a very good place and that he is continuing to push forward. We will continue to keep Rudy in our prayers. Keep up the great progress little man!! Keep showing off!

  6. Sounds like everything is going great!! Isn’t it amazing how everything is so linked together…with one weak link, everything is difficult…strengthen that weak link and things fall into place. Keep going Rudy! Show them what you’ve got!

    Continued prayers from CT

  7. GO RUDY, GO!!!! OH boy, little one!!! You are getting so much better and so much stronger!! I think you are going to be home with your brothers and sister soon!!

    LOVE these reports!! Keep ’em coming!!


  8. I have been away from my computer a couple of days and now I am just jumping up and down cheering at the progress that is being made! Go Rudy go! More prayers for all of you–and for canceling the reservation in the psych ward.

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