Trish and I had a rare Sunday together with the older kids here in Santa Barbara.  Started out rainy and then gave way to crisp, clear skies with plenty of wind.  I just called down this evening to get the update from UCLA and encouraging progress continues.

Nurse Bobbie reported that Rudy had another good day–14 hours off the vent and continued steps up on the feeds so that he’s now at 21cc per hour.  She added on the detail that they turned off the TPN and it took me a few moments into the conversation to realize just how significant that is.  TPN stands for “Total Parenteral Nutrition”, or intravenous feeds.  A few of the previous attempts to feed him got to a point where the TPN was weaned a bit, but never even close to the point of getting turned off.  He’s had it since he was born and, now that they’re getting close to the 30cc feed target to his tummy, the team felt it was time to shut it off.  Celebrate the milestones.  Yahoo, Rudy, get ready for the next course!

7 thoughts on ““TP-eNd”

  1. Yes, !!!!! Get ready for the real world little Fighter.
    Thanks be to the Lord and more prayers to come.
    We love you Oma and Opa

  2. Just what you need, Rudy–some enriching formula in increasing amounts. Now you will gain strength and weight so you can keep up with your brothers when you arrive home (that may take some doing!).
    And Livy can hold her own, too. You will eventually fit right in with their wrestling matches. Watch out for daddy, though. He is really strong! Must be mommie’s good cooking. Love to all.

  3. It sounds like someone needs to throw a bunch of TP (toilet paper, not IV fluid) around Rudy’s room. That’s what we do in Auburn to celebrate just about anything! Hooray y’all!

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