Full Steam Ahead?

I'm a big boy who is breathing and eating!!!
I'm a big boy who is breathing and eating!!!

I’m so pleased to report that Rudy had another stable day…our focus continues to be vent wean and feeds.  Rudy had two 5-hour sprints and, once again, handled them well.   They’ll continue to increase his sprints by an hour each day until we get to 24 hours.   The GI team is recommending we continue Rudy on the Tolerex feeds until we reach 30 ccs an hour and then introduce breastmilk again.  His feeds were bumped up to 12 ccs/hr today and he had 3 really good poopy diapers so things are moving through!  His fluid output remains at 30 -40 ccs in a 24 hour period and his belly measures consistently the same size…another indicator that things are moving through.  The surgical team feels his stomach wound is healing well and will take out the sutures in 11 days and the drainage tube in 10 days.  That should give Rudy enough time to meet the 30ccs/hr goal and attempt breastmilk before the drainage tube is removed.  Rolf and I feel good about the proposed plan and pray that all goes according to the plan!!!

I LOVE sitting up!!
I LOVE sitting up!!


The best part of today was the long stretch of cuddle time we got this afternoon.  Rudy sat up for the longest time on my lap and then we both fell asleep for a bit.  Precious moments…

Another highlight was a surprise visit from Cesar and his parents Maria & Enrique.  What a treat it was to see this special family and how sweet of them to take the time to visit Rudy while in the hospital for one of Cesar’s follow-up exams.  He looks wonderful and is doing well with his new heart!  Their visit was an encouragement as is Rudy’s current upswing.  ‘Praying the trend continues!


22 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead?

  1. Great news!
    Wonderful to see Cesar is doing well too.
    We will keep parying for you Rudy.
    Hugs and kisses.

  2. What a great reunion! More happy times are in store for you!

    Prayers for continued forward movement.

  3. Rudy doing the Don King look! 😉

    We are all so encouraged by Rudy’s progress! We will agree in prayer regarding Rudy’s next steps. 🙂

  4. What great news, that all is moving in the right direction.
    Love you little boy, keep going, we pray for you all the time.
    Bussi Oma + Opa

  5. We can’t let this great report go by without saying, “What a guy!”. It is wonderful to see Cesar looking so great, too. These are two young lads with a story to tell about their journeys and their wonderful parents and siblings. God Bless You, Rudy and Cesar!

  6. Rudy, your Mom’s report helps get my day off to a great start. So glad to hear of the progress you are making. I will pray that you will stay on track and steaming forward!

  7. Rudy you are such a big boy now!!!! Breathing eating and sitting up. We are so proud of you here in the Eusebio household!!!

  8. Praise God! The “Duke” would say, “Forward Ho”!!! Continued prayer for more good news! God is good….all the time! Rudy you are just amazing, just like the rest of your family! Love, Cousin Dianna

  9. Ahhhh…this is just terrific news!!! How we rejoice with you! And we do pray that Rudy continues to make such great progress!

  10. GO RUDY, GO!!! Way to go, Babykins! Wow…you are getting so big and strong! Look at you sitting there and breathing all on your own!

    I have a feeling that now that Rudy is getting some real nutrition, he is going to take off! Just wait until he gets some Mommy food! I think your idea, Trish, of skimming the fat sounds like a perfect solution!

    Blessings to the entire Greyling family! Our Lord is good! (all the time!)

    Much Love to you all!

  11. Oh my goodness!! Who ever thought poopy diapers would be so darned exciting. I continue to pray daily for Rudy and the rest of the Geylings.


  12. Looking good and oh-so-cute as always Rudy!!! God is GREAT and is using you as an incredible testimony just like Cesar! Felicidades y que Dios los bendigan!!!

    All my love!

  13. Hi Rudy
    You are on a “role” !! Bless those little chubby cheeks of yours ! Mom and Dad, you have been fantastic. We’re praying for all of you–especially that the breastmilk will agree with Rudy. The road home appears closer and closer—-God speed.

    Betty and Michael Bagdasarian

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