In case you wanted to see the bath right side up…

Several people have gotten cricks in their neck from watching the bath video.  Thanks to our pal Joey, this has been recitified.  Go back to the Bubble Bath Post, and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “In case you wanted to see the bath right side up…

  1. We love bubble baths. Im so glad that Rudy spit up on you. I know that sounds weird but its just another reminder that through all of this, he is still bottom line a baby. I love that kid! Im so glad to hear that he is so close to getting of the breathing tube. What a happy day! Im glad you got a new phone too. Now if we can just keep up with all this technology…thank goodness we have our kids to show us how to use them. Keep up the good progress Rudy. We love you! Go Rudy Go!!

  2. Dear Trish and Rolf and family…..WOW..catching up on all of your amazing “posts” about Rudy and his medical care, with both of your feelings reflected so well. There has to be a book written one day by both of you…you are GREAT writers. We loved watching the bubble bath w/ the nurse blowing bubbles.. How wonderful to see Rudy getting heavy doses of TLC and also having the caring attention of the physicians along w/ the nurses. Trish, the “spa” description was quite humorous and then ending with the Pine Sol smell….aaaahhh yes, I understand the not loving an ickky public bathroom….plus the whoopie cushion on the new “iPhone”…what an interesting feature that is…:-)
    We are praying for dear Rudy and for your family.
    Thank you for all the posts….they are so precious. We love reading them.
    God Bless you..

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