High- and low-tech grossness.

I got an iPhone this week.  Does it make my life complete?  No, but it might make me cooler than you (unless you bought the 16gig model).  It’s a pretty nifty gizmo and Wilson kept himself and me entertained for most of the trip down from SB today as he tracked our progress by GPS and downloaded various applications.  The most remarkable had to be the virtual whoopee cushion which has limitless permutations making for hours of fun.  Turns out the whoopee cushion has universal appeal as Wilson has wowed just about every staff member who’s come in to see Rudy–regardless of how many degrees they have.  I think it’s some welcome comic relief as there’s an intense vibe here tonight–a full unit wtih lots of very sick kids.

We were encouraged to see Rudy and to hear a good report from Dr. Rick about his condition.  He’s very alert for long stretches as he’s only getting small doses of methadone twice a day.  Everyone has had a chance to evaluate the CT scan and subsequent Xrays and Rudy’s chest looks very clear.  Based on that, feeds to Rudy’s tummy were started yesterday.  He keeps holding his ground on the vent and is making slow progress (it’s currently at 14bpm; pressure support of 11).  Both Wilson and I got chances to hold him, but mine featured a nice soaking of Rudy vomit during one of his percussive respiratory treatments.  The team took him off feeds for a bit, but then surmised that it was more along the lines of what babies do when they get shaken with a full tummy.  So, I lay claim to a first in Rudy’s life–the first parent to get spit up on!!!!

Dr. Brian stopped by this evening and confirmed Dr. Rick’s report.  Everyone is very positive about where Rudy is–he is stable and holding good ground.  Hopefully the changes to his nutrition will push him over the final hump to get off the vent–he’s so close.

I think he’s really glad to have his biggest brother here.  Wilson has been great holding him, talking to him and reading to him.  I’m glad Wilson came with me.  He’s good company, just as long as I get my share of turns with the whoopee cushion.

10 thoughts on “High- and low-tech grossness.

  1. This is very encouraging news. We will praise God in our prayers, for the progress that is being made, and ask for continued healing. We are so happy to hear that he is doing better. Love to you all!

  2. Great news!
    Baby spit up is normal stuff nice to see that actually.
    Still praying for you and cheering you on Rudy.
    Hugs and kisses.

  3. Good morning, Rudy. I have this laundry routine conquered here at home so you just spit up on your Daddy any time, okay? Doesn’t Wilson read well? I know you will do the same and then you can read to him for practice. We are all so proud of you. Get well soon. Love, Grandma Jo

  4. Good Morning Rudy, It is a beautiful morning in S.B. I am going to strongly suggest that you get as much rest and sleep today as possible because tomorrow, MLK Day, all your family along with Grandma and Grandpa will descend on your room and everyone will want to hold you and bath you and love on you so that you will be worn out. But that is o.k. Rudy, no one can get enough lovin, especially someone as sweet as you. I love you Rudy and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and giving you some of that lovin. God Bless, Grandpa Dick

  5. Dear Rudy,
    I hope you feel better and I think it’s funny you spit on Dad. I hope you come home soon so I can give you a bath. I’m glad I’m gonna see you tomorrow. Keep up the good work that you have done to get out of the hospital. I love you. From, Olivia

  6. Congratulations on your “white badge of fatherhood,” Rolf.

    I have to say I was disappointed when you started to tell about the hi-tech whoopie cushion — We’re deep into that developmental stage where all things potty-talk are fascinating beyond measure, and I just don’t know if I could take it for another 6 years! But perhaps whoopie cushions fall into a different category, since all your very brainy doctor friends are just as amused… Now I’m going to brace myself, because I can pretty much bet on Doug downloading the same bit of software as soon as he reads this entry!

  7. Good to hear about the clear chest, vomit, and whoopie cushions! Life is messy….it’s just good to laugh!!

    Yeah Rudy! Keep up the fight, little bruiser!

    Love you! The Van Fam

  8. Let’s hear it for Whoopie Cushions! ha! Our favorite memory of Grandma Hopie was her laughter at a real whoopie cushion the girls shared with her. She had no idea the world made such things and kept asking the girls to use it again. ha! Praise God for precious Rudy’s continued improvement! We will continue to stand for his nutrition to be fine tuned and his breathing to be stronger. Go Rudy go! Can’t wait for more pictures of Cousin Joan and Dick with Rudy so I can copy and print off pictures for Grandma Jane. She will enjoy them so much. Love to you all!

  9. I don’t know you all personally, but have been following Rudy’s journey for the past few weeks after seeing Michelle Wilson in KC over New Years. I have added your family to my prayers and have passed on the website to some of my prayer warriors here in Iowa. We’re storming the gates of heaven with prayers on Rudy’s behalf. Thank you for sharing your most intimate moments with the world. It is humbling to see God’s handiwork in Rudy…Blessings and love!

  10. Ok, that settles it. I 1. must hold Rudy someday because I so miss boy baby throw-up stains on my shoulder and 2. get a 16gig Iphone with an extra loud whoopee cushion. I am so jealous on both counts. Can you tell I only had boys???? Still prayin’ in SB….

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