The Atkins Diet for Rudy

‘Just a quick little post before I head back to Santa Barbara… 

Rudy did have the CT scan this morning (I’ve posted pics to show the boys how much it looks like something out of Star Wars).  Good News…things look better compared to the last scan.  There wasn’t anything detected that is a cause for concern regarding the lungs and fluid so we can continue to focus our attention on nutrition and weaning.

The results of the metabolic test did come back and as Dr. Rick suspected, Rudy’s caloric intake via sugar is too high.  Rudy needs the same number of calories he has been getting but through lipids (protein) instead of glucose (sugar).  Interestingly, making these calorie adjustments will ultimately help wean Rudy off the ventilator.  As I understand it, the body breaks glucose down into water and CO2.  The body needs a certain amount of CO2 but if the body produces too much CO2 then it has to work harder to get rid of it.    If Rudy is getting too much glucose then he produces too much CO2 and he has to breath faster and harder to get rid of it which makes it harder for him to tolerate the weaning process.  It’s not just about pumping him full of calories anymore… It’s a matter of fine tuning his “calorie cocktail” to meet not only his nutritional needs to grow and get stronger but also his respiratory needs.  It really is an amazing balancing act and I’m just really, really glad there are smart people around like Dr. Rick and Fellow Sonal and RT Oscar who understand the relationship between all these factors!!!  🙂  Phew…I think I need a Big Mac and hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s on my way up the coast this afternoon.

Rudy has been very calm this morning.  He was asleep when they transported him downstairs to the CT scan room.  When he came back, he was awake and alert and very content.  As much as I hate to leave him, I feel much better about leaving him today than I did yesterday.  He’s excited to see Daddy and Wilson this weekend and then Gma Jo, Gpa Dick, Max, Livy and I will come for a visit on Monday in celebration of MLK Day!  My folks have helped to maintain the routine at home for the past three weeks…we’re so grateful.  They’ll fly home next weekend in time for my Dad to begin his oral chemotherapy.  It’s not easy to be away from home when you’re in the midst of your own health crisis and that makes me appreciate my mom and dad’s willingness to come and be with us even more!!!!  Their time with us hasn’t been in the best of circumstances on many levels but it has been cherished time nonetheless.  Thanks Mama and Daddy…aka Gma Jo and Gpa Dick!!!!

Ok, I best wrap up and get ready to leave…’Gotta make room for all those guardian angels I just know must come to watch over Rudy in our absense. 

RT Oscar and Rudy
RT Oscar and Rudy
Lie still Rudy!
Lie still Rudy!
Diet?  Who needs a diet?
Diet? Who needs a diet?


Not ME!!!
Not ME!!!

6 thoughts on “The Atkins Diet for Rudy

  1. Lookin’ good buddy! Miss you Trish, you’re doing such a great job girl! Have a restful weekend. Hopefully we can see you soon…Love ya! Sarah

  2. Tori will be very happy to see that Rudy is wearing Elmo diapers. She swore by them and Ariana agrees wholeheartedly! Though it looks like Rudy might be ready to wear the same size as Ariana! Way to go Rudy!

  3. Hey Trish, that all sounds very encouraging, rational and reasonable. We will continue to pray that the knowledge and wisdom of the medial team will yield positive results for Rudy and get him breathing all on his own. Enjoy the weekend, all!!

  4. Confession: When I feel stressed, I, too, go to McDonalds for a chocolate fudge sundae. I ask the server to pump the fudge dispenser one more time. It only costs an additional ten cents but the result of further reducing my stress level is priceless!

  5. We are sure those guardian angels are hovering right over Rudy this weekend! What great news to hear the good results of the CT scan and now we pray that they will get his nutritional needs figured out. Have a wonderful weekend together–we’re upholding you all in prayer!

  6. Dearest Trish and Rolf…we have been in Ohio with Don’s family for Christmas and away from the computer…now caught up, we praise the Lord for His watch care over this precious little jewel of yours. We do thank Him for His care for the whole family…Much love with hugs, Faye and Don

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