Nothing says Christmas like a CAT scan…

The hospital is quiet, but not empty on Christmas eve.  There are only 3 CTICU patients and the rest of the East PICU has been cleared out and patients consolidated on the West.  Elective surgeries are scaled back during the holidays leaving only the patients who have no choice but to be here.  As lonely as it sounds, we know just about everyone working today and appreciate them deeply so spending Christmas with them isn’t so bad.  We arrived en masse this morning with all of the kids and commandeered use of the room next door, so we’ve got a bedroom and a den.  As most holidays involve sitting around in close quarters with too many people, it’s not really much of a departure.

Rudy continues to do well, but Dr. Kelly is interested in getting a closer look at his chest as there seems to be a blockage on the right lung–perhaps something post-op from the pleurodesis.  So, they will take him downstairs for a CAT scan at some point, but with the holiday staffing we don’t know exactly when that will be.  When they have him there, they’ll also take a look at the left side where they still see a bit of an effusion (fluid) that they’re watching, but not acutely concerned about yet.  His kidneys are functioning smoothly–producing lots of urine (the other kids think our fixation on this is gross), and all the numbers are getting to be exactly where they need to be.  His nutrition is going smoothly thusfar (up to 3ccs of formula per hour) and most importantly, the prealbumin level (which is the key indicator of nutrition) is at 20–right where it needs to be.  Not surprising as from the looks of it, one would suspect he’s sneaking some donuts when we’re not looking (TPN and steroids make one pretty puffy).

So this is our Christmas and, the more I think about it, it’s all very appropriate.  As I’ve shared in a few settings over the past few weeks, we tend to associate Christmas with preparation and organization.  We shop, plan, decorate, dress and clean up.  All this to commemorate an instance that was anything but.  Mary and Joseph had no time to make plans and prepare but found themselves caught in a setting that bordered on deplorable.  A birth in a cold, stinking stable.  A baby placed in a crib that was far from cozy, sterile or hypoallergenic.  No, a manger coated with dried spittle and decaying bits of cud from the livestock that dined there.  Had they even the opportunity for the slightest bit of planning it would have seen them far away from anything like this.  Yet it’s into this dirty setting, populated by frazzled and unprepared people, that God comes bringing life and hope.  And that’s a tremendous comfort to us here in Room 5439 because it means that Christmas will come to us, regardless of how much we’ve prepared for it.  Not to say we haven’t done a bit of planning, but our primary wish was to be together as a family.  With this in place, we’ll let the celebrating begin.

12 thoughts on “Nothing says Christmas like a CAT scan…

  1. Merry Christmas California Geylings! We love you and are thinking of you as we are snuggled in from the rain outside. Enjoy this time of togetherness and know that our prayers abound.

  2. We were at Cottage this morning, picking up Doug’s mom after back surgery (she’s well and resting)– hospitals are almost eerie on the holidays. Hope your little corner is full of good cheer and good progress on Rudy’s part. Have a blessed day!

  3. Love you are thinking of all 6 of you and the Birth of the very special Baby 2000 + years ago. Hugs Bussi Oma and Opa and the rest of us here

  4. And Merry Christmas to all of you! What a wonderful piece of writing. Everything is fine here, off to the usual pageant at church, Jacob is Joseph this year and the inn keepers are going to try very hard to mess him up, so he has been practicing. Will see you soon, blessings to all. Merry Christmas!

  5. So good to hear more good news! Praise God AGAIN. Will be be tuning in again on Christmas Day. Hope Cousin Joann and Dick can make it out tomorrow. What a great Christmas it will be. God bless you all. Love, Dianna XOXO

  6. Oh dear ones, if you could ony see all of us filling your room there as we surround you all in prayer on this very special night. Talk about crowds!
    God bless and keep you. May He visit Rudy with extra healing tonight.
    And may you all know you are loved and surrounded. Sleep tight!

  7. Ho, Ho has landed and will be happy to drop us off in L.A. as he heads home tomorrow. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Grandpa and Grandma are just about packed. It looks as if we will finally make it to Rudy’s home away from home. It will be great to be with all of you! Hope Rudy isn’t getting worn out — it sounds as if he is doing better. Merry Christmas to all……..

  8. God bless each of you! Merry Christmas to a faithful family! You are exactly what Jesus wants and where He wants you to be! God bless, Jane and Joe

  9. With Blessings and God’s love to you, Rolf, Trish, Wilson, Olivia, Max and Rudy. Inspite of us as humans and all our various ups and downs, inspite of all our planning and then the “unplanning” which does occur. the miracle of Christmas happens. Rudy is such a miracle, and we pray that soon he will be well enough for all of you to hold him tight and lovingly in your own home.
    The Bagdasarians

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