Still good progress

I called down this morning to check on Rudy and Nurse Rosella reported that the progress continues.  The team has backed off on some of the diuretics, so his kidney output has lessened a bit (15-20cc per hour) but that’s still acceptable and they’d like to see what kind of progress he makes without major meds.  His tube feed was turned up to 2cc but the team is watching that very closely, so prayer for that would be appreciated.  The BEST news is that his chest Xray looked very clear this morning so the concern about any fluid there has lessened.  After the twists and turns last week, progress like this lifts our spirits.

So, the cars are packed and we’re ready for our Christmas celebration with Rudy.  We’ll stay around Santa Barbara until the afternoon as we’re having our annual Christmas feast.  As I write this in my office, the building is a hive of activity as we get ready for about 300 guests–a great way to start off our Christmas.

15 thoughts on “Still good progress

  1. We will pray for Rudy’s continued progress; thanks for all the specific requests from last post. Praying you have a cozy family time in LA and that everyone stays well. Miss and love you and Merry Christmas! Praying for the presence of Jesus wherever you are…

  2. Merry Christmas Rudy and family!
    Hope you have a special family time together.

    Still praying for all needs listed as always.
    Hugs, love and kisses.
    The whole Lisama family

  3. So good to hear continued progress. Priase the Lord again, again and again!. We pray for no more fluid in the lungs and that Rudy accepts the feed tube so he’ll continue to get strength. We also pray that your going and coming is safe. We won’t stop even for Christmas to read Rudy’s blog. Our family wants to always know the latest with our little cousin. Love, Dianna

  4. Such good news re: Rudy. Grandpa Dick’s little setback was due to dehydration so his doc has him fixed up and we are good to go. See you soon. Guess what?, I love you! tee hee, I win!

  5. That’s great! Iwill definitely pray for him. I hope his tube feed goes well for him. Merry Cristmasand a Happy New Year!

  6. Im so glad you will all be together for xmas. Our family holds yours so close to our hearts. We are glad to hear of all of Rudy’s baby steps in the right direction. Keep the faith!! xoxo all our love to you all!!

  7. Merry Christmas Rolf, Trish, Max, Will, Olivia, and Rudy! I’m glad you can all be together this Christmas Eve.

  8. Trish and Rolf,
    You don’t know me but I am a huge fan of your mom and dad’s (I too am a member of FBC Lawernce). I’ve been reading your blog faithfully and just wanted you to know that I’m praying for you, Rudy and the kids that you also can have a wonderful Christmas holiday. What a story of faith you have given us with your writing! Please know I am sending you a ton of love and hope that you feel that along with God’s presence.

  9. Dear Geylings,

    I rejoice in Rudy’s progress and pray that this marks a real turning point toward steady recovery!

    May the Peace, Joy and Hope of the Christ Child fill your lives and hearts this Christmas as your family gathers to show the newest Geyling what Love is all about.

    Blessings to you all,

    Marlowe (Oma’s friend)

  10. Merry CHRISTmas eve day….
    Have a wonderful time with Rudy and with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick(they can hardly wait to get to you guys). We are so thankful some of that yucky stuff last week is over and that Rudy is recovering and resting better. We tune in daily(well many times a day) to check on all of you. Much love to each of you, enjoy your time as a complete family..Your FBC/Kansas friends. Elaine and Ted

  11. Wow! What a blessed Christmas present that is (Rudy’s clear chest x-ray!!). I pray for many more of those blessings for Rudy and for all of you!! God bless you and have a beautiful time together!



  12. It’s so great to hear that Rudy is making progress…and we pray that he will continue in this direction without any of the “exciting detours” that you’ve had the last week. Enjoy each other (and the Grandparents!!) this Christmas and know that you continue to be in our prayers.

    Love and blessings to you all,

    Lisa and Chris

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