The Bears are joining us for Christmas

Well, unfortunately the CAT scan revealed some pockets of fluid on Rudy’s lungs.  On the right side, they’re very small and may be post-operative secretions which couldn’t be handled by a chest drain.  If they need to be removed it would be with some very focused procedures.  On the left side, there was a significant pocket of fluid which Drs. Robert and Brian decided to drain.  Clearly not a step in our preferred direction, but thinking positively, previous fluids were seen to accumulate rapidly on Rudy’s chest Xrays and noticeably impaired his breathing.  That wasn’t the case with this pocket which yielded only 70ccs of fluid on insertion.  Robert and Ryan have sent a sample to the lab for testing, but it didn’t readily appear to be chylous.  Please pray that it’s not…just some post-operative seepage from the tissue following the pleurodesis.  So a drain is in, which means we’ll be joined by the generic fishing bears again (remember them?).

As several have said how much they appreciate having specific items to pray for, please pray for the fluid in Rudy’s lungs to resolve without needing pleurodesis on the left side.  Also, pray that he would continue to make progress on the ventilator.  Dr. Robert is very pleased on a number of other fronts I mentioned in my earlier post today, so we’re very grateful and are praying that God would continue to let us see progress.

Dr. Robert was very kind in granting Livy’s Christmas wish to hold Rudy.  He held off on inserting the chest tube for 30 minutes so that both she and Max could have a chance.  Once again, one of those teary-eyed moments snuck up on us as we looked on.

Livy gets her Christmas wish!!
Livy gets her Christmas wish!!
Max and Rudy do some bonding
Max and Rudy do some bonding

2 thoughts on “The Bears are joining us for Christmas

  1. A blessed and peaceful Christmas to all of you in LA. And I will storm heaven with prayer for Rudy’s lungs. The prayer for pee helped, so prayer for lungs is appropriate at this point. Enjoy your family time together this holiday!

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