No Magic Bullets Today…

Trish called about an hour ago and said that unfortunately the team was unable to perform the lymphangiogram.  They were unable to find a line in Rudy’s little feet to inject through.  He’s returned to the room and is probably going to be knocked out for the rest of the day.  Obviously not the news we wanted to hear.  As much as we try to keep our expectations in check that any one step will mark a turnaround, it’s hard not to be disappointed.  From here, they will do a pleurodesis surgery on Thursday which seals the pleural cavity thereby making it impossible for fluid to collect there.

Thanks for praying with us through the day.  Wish I could close with a thoughtful statement that puts everything in perspective, but I’ve got little.  We remain hopeful, just so long as it doesn’t need to be a happy jumping-around kind of hope; just a resolve that God will get us through.  In the meantime, I’m very sad that my son needs to go through all of this.

8 thoughts on “No Magic Bullets Today…

  1. We love you and are with you in thoughts and prayers.
    Here is a great big hug for you two and a smooch for Rudy and many more prayers
    Oma + Opa

  2. I am sad too but completely understand what you have described as a sustaining hope in the presence and strength of our Lord while at the same time experiencing emotional, mental and physical, often times, spiritual numbness. Stand firm and we stand firm with you…

  3. We’re sad too!!! I like what you wrote the other day about “trusting that God’s grace is sufficient” even though it doesn’t seem that God is doing what we had hoped and prayed for. And we’re sorry, too, that Rudy has to go through all of this!! …the little warrior…..Keep fighting Rudy!

  4. Disappointed? Yes. Disheartened? Yes. We wanted, so much, for this to be over for Rudy so he could get well and go home. But, we promised to take one day at a time and now we await another day for the gift of tomorrow. Sleep well, Rudy. Our prayers enfold you.

  5. Still standing in faith, still praying in agreement with you, still believing, still praising our Lord, and still hoping, for your precious Clinton Rudy to be healed in Jesus name. Love, Dianna

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