He’s Stable…

I’m settled back in Rudy’s room…VERY empty without the little man and his rig in here but I’ve unpacked and am catching up on some emails while I wait.  Dr. Rick is on the floor this week and he just went downstairs to check on Rudy.  They are about 2 hours into what could be a 6-8 hour procedure (it makes sense, now, why it took some time to pull this all together as it’s a much longer process than any of us understood it to be).  Dr. Rick reported that they were unable to get to where they need to go in the first attempt so they’re going at it from the other foot and getting the catheter set so the actual test hasn’t begun yet…Rudy is sleeping comfortably and his numbers are good – so grateful he is tolerating it all so far and praying he remains stable throughout the procedure.  Dr. Ryan and Nurse Jenny are with him, Drs. Robert and Rick are checking in regularly as is today’s RT and Dr. Collins and his tech are performing the procedure so Rudy is very well attended.  Thank you for your continued prayers…I’ll update again later…

9 thoughts on “He’s Stable…

  1. For what it’s worth, we are waiting anxiously for word, just like everyone else! Rudy is in great hands…now you have some time to get rest for yourself!
    -Alan & Vickie

  2. Three or four inches of snow and temperatures around 7 degrees keep us inside with time to pray today. We think of you, Trish, and Rudy and also Rolf and the children on the home front. If there was any power for me to do so, I would fix it — in a second. Surely God hears our fervent prayers and is continuing to teach us to trust Him, give us patience, sustain us and give us hope. Hang in there, dear ones.

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