Not Much More To Add…

As Rolf posted earlier, the attempt at the lymphangiogram was aborted after several attempts to find a vessel big enough…Nurse Jenny described how the doctor and his tech were working with vessels just a tad bit bigger than a strand of hair!!!  Amazing…    It’s disappointing but not just for us…everyone involved in getting this set up is disappointed and there is comfort in knowing we’re not alone.  Rudy has rested comfortably since his return to the room, opening his eyes for a little bit and then falling back into a deep sleep.  We’ll hunker-down again and wait for the Pleurodesis to take place on Thursday…Rudy has the #2 slot on the list for that day.  Dr. Brian will conduct the procedure through an incision on Rudy’s side…essentially going in and “roughing up” the lung and chest wall so the two will fuse together eliminating the pleural cavity.  If it does succeed at getting rid of this fluid then the process of weaning Rudy from the vent could begin next week.  If it doesn’t work then we’ll have to go back to waiting for the fluid to stop on it’s own.  Dr. Brian described the pleurodesis as the last surgical “ditch effort” in addressing this issue.  The risks involved in the procedure itself are minimal…the threat of another disappointment – pretty high BUT, no matter what happens, I’m commited to getting up again, readjusting expectations again and moving forward even if it’s ever-so-slowly!  I’m starting to feel a bit like Scarlett O’Hara no matter the disappointments…”afterall, tomorrow is another day”.

On a sweet note, Rudy has gotten alot of special attention today, especially now that he is sporting a brand new hospital gown made ,with love, by Oma.  I think Oma has tapped into a new, unexplored market!  His little gown is complete with special velcro closures all over to accomodate his lines and tubes – so precious! 

a new line in baby hospital gowns!
a new line in baby hospital gowns!

Your steadfastness in praying is an amazing blessing…thank you for your diligence and faith!  I am humbled by the sacrifices made by so many on Rudy’s behalf.  Thank you dear friends!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Not Much More To Add…

  1. I’m so sorry for the latest disappointments. Just know that you are loved and we’re praying (and rooting) for little Rudy. Keep your chin up!

  2. We are standing with you, picking up our expectations and preparing to move along at Rudy’s pace again. We are so bummed this didn’t work out. It pains us to be so far from you guys that we can’t give a hug when needed or sit with you. We love you!!

  3. Sorry to hear this news! We’ll just pick up where we left off and begin praying for the next intervention! Love, hugs and kisses!!

  4. We are still praying. Hugs and kisses to Rudy and all.

    Hope for better news soon.

    Teagan has been wearing her new Rudy braclet. (We are planning ot take turns wearing it, but it may be hard to get back from a 7 year old girl. I have been wearing my trish earrings instead.)

    Love, hugs and kisses….

  5. Oh little Rudy…we are still praying and waiting along with you. God is not slow, just on His own time schedule, I guess.

  6. Dear little Rudy. I am so happy to see you decked out in a cozy flannel gown. (Thanks, Helga!!!) It has concerned me that you had to lay uncovered since Grammy always told me to keep babies warm. You would definitely need flannel clothing in Kansas today. It was one degree here this morning with 3 inches of snow. Grandpa Dick scooped the driveway after his radiation treatment. You two are tough guys and that is for sure. See you soon, honeybunch, and we continue to hope and pray for you.

  7. Rudy looks so precious in his new gown. So sorry to here about the precedure and will continue to pray that all goes well on Thursday. You all continue to amaze and inspire me. Love, Kelly

  8. So sorry the fancy procedure didn’t work. I will continue to be praying for you all. You are all so strong! I am praying that as he cradles Rudy that he cradles each of you as well.


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