Get some rest, Rudy!

I just got back to Rudy’s room this evening and he’s resting comfortably.  Even with the upheaval of surgery, he looks loads better than he did on the walk down to the OR.  I’ll spare you the geeky details, but they ran post-op labs and all of the numbers are right back in the range where they should be.  They were able to back the ventilator down from where it was this afternoon because he doesn’t need that much help breathing.  Getting that fluid off gave him some immediate relief, so now we’ll pray that the fix works.  The doctors expect to know in the next two days.  Assuming all goes well, we’ll be able to start loading protein as his malnutrition is just making it tough for his body’s systems to work like they should.

We’re glad today went well, but even a “minor” surgery makes for a day of anxiety.  I’m going to spend a few more minutes with Rudy in the quiet of his room and then make the drive home.  As I’ve been writing this, he’s actually gotten really alert so it’s cool to spend the last moments together looking into those big eyes.  I’m glad Trish had some good days at home with the kids, but we’re all disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it home for dinner.  It would have been our first one together at home in a long while. 

I’m ending another day so grateful for the dedicated hands that are taking care of Rudy.  Early this morning, Nurse Mary was indignant that I hadn’t yet held Rudy so she let me help with his bath and lift him up while she changed the sheets.  During the day, Nurse Rosella brought her personable blend of comfort and competence.  There was solid consensus among the doctors (Fellows Andy and Julianne, Drs. Brill, Reemtsen and the ubiquitous Dan Levi) and they were all very attentive throughout the day.  There’s no way to make a day like today anxiety free, but there is such comfort in being the center of so many experts’ attention.

Thanks for walking through it with us.  Rest well, Rudy–Nurse Mary and Dr. Andy won’t miss a thing.  Mommy will be here tomorrow before you know it.

9 thoughts on “Get some rest, Rudy!

  1. Yes Rudy, rest well with your God’s angels surrounding you! We are praying this is the top of the very rigourous mountain you’ve been climbing and that it be all downhill from here…We love you…

  2. So glad that it looks the surgery was successful!!….and that mom and dad can let out another breath of relief! Trish, we’re so glad you could spend some time at home. We’re praying for the day that you will all be home together…it IS coming!!! Loves and hugs and prayers! the Vans

  3. Thank you for including us in this day. There is no “minor” surgery for patients and their families in my experience. There are many sounds of happiness at Rudy’s good results. Another prayer answered.

    With love & delight,
    Katie’s Nana

  4. Alleluia, I pray everything goes well,wishing little Rudy a peaceful night and a beginning return to a normal little boys life. A long way to go but on the right path. Love to you all. virginia gough

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