6pm…He’s Out

Rolf just talked with the surgeon and Rudy will be back in his room in about 30 minutes.  He was able to “tie off” the duct and did some other things while he was in there…more detail on that later I’m sure.  Dr. Reemtsen said there is an 85% chance this will address the problem so our prayers continue that Rudy’s body will respond as it should!!!  Please pray for a quiet and comfortable night for Rudy and a safe trip home for Rolf later tonight.  Okay, (BIG sigh) the end of another day…I’m so grateful God’s mercies are new every morning!

6 thoughts on “6pm…He’s Out

  1. Okay, sweet Rudy. Maybe you can take over now and put your team of doctors and nurses out of a job. Bless your heart, honey, you deserve some R & R ! If you can find the ice cream room there is probably a freezer of your mommie’s milk in there that you can help yourself to any time. Grandpa and I are continuing to pray that you can now heal and progress soon. Sleep well tonight.

  2. Way to go, Rudy! We’ll just take that 85% probability Dr. Brian gave you and let God cover the other 15% (actually, you know,Rudy, that God has the full 100% covered, but we don’t want Dr. Reemsten to feel totally insignificant!).

    Have a restful night, Rudy! You too Rolf …and Trish…and Wil, Max and Olivia!

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