We Will WIN this Waiting Game!

Well,  Rolf and I made the switch-a-roo and I’m back with Rudy at UCLA.  Rolf didn’t get home until after 11pm last night and then got off to an early start at work this morning; I left for LA as soon as the kids went off to school so we were kind of like two ships passing in the night but, hopefully, future exchanges won’t be so quick in nature.  It will take some time to adjust to this new “commuting” routine as Rolf and I take shifts between Rudy and home but, it seems, time is the one definitive factor in this scenerio of which we have an abundance!

Rudy spent today sleeping and recovering from yesterday’s surgery.  He is pretty wiped out…opening his heavy eyes periodically only to close them seconds later.  That’s okay, though!  As much as I’d love to be reassured by his big, bright, lively eyes, I’m grateful he is able to rest comfortably.  Everyone I’ve talked to today has said the same thing…what Rudy needs now is TIME.  He needs a couple of days to see a reduction in and eventually elimination of the fluid draining from his chest, he needs big doses of nutrition into his gut and then time for his muscles and body in general to strengthen, he needs a week to 10 days to see possible extubation from the ventilator and then, ultimately, he needs alot of time to learn to feed without a feeding tube!  Of course, the big risk for Rudy right now is infection and the longer it takes him to reach all these milestones, the greater the risk of infection and setbacks.  A tricky balance continues but I’m confident that no matter how weary we may get as we wait, we will win this one!!!!  A few weeks ago I prayed we’d be home by Thanksgiving, now I’m wondering if bringing Rudy home by Christmas is even realistic!  It’s so hard to know so we step back, regroup, readjust expectations and continue to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!  Thank you for waiting along with us diligently praying!!!!  We can’t thank you enough…

Daddy holds RudyDaddy’s turn to hold Rudy!!

9 thoughts on “We Will WIN this Waiting Game!

  1. From one Daddy to another, that is really special Rolf got to hold Rudy. We will keep praying for patience for you guys and strength for Rudy as you wait.

  2. Praise God for small and big victories !
    Have sweet dreams, Rudy, and we will keep you up in prayers… 🙂
    I love that Rolf can hold his little baby now… 🙂
    Faith Groves

  3. We continue to pray for you as you wait. May you “wait upon the Lord” and “He will renew your strength” (Is. 40:31). Thanks for the updates and photos. We love them.
    -Rich, Lori, Nolan and Evan

  4. blessings to all the Geylings big and small…as you try to juggle so many important things…..but most of all to Rudy as he mends and gets stronger…..so encouraging to see Rolf holding him.


  5. We’re not just waiting with you, Trish! We’re earnestly praying throughout each day that Rudy would be strengthened and would progress down the path that God has laid out for him. We’re also praying for you, Rolf and the kids – that you all would experience extraordinary peace and comfort as you traverse along this incredible journey! Know that you are not alone – like those Verizon commercials, you’ve got an army behind you all the way!

    Have a great day and give Rudy a squeeze on the foot for us!!

  6. OK, Babykins! Now is the time to rest up and get stronger so you can get off the vent! Whooee!! We are praying for you, little one! You are a fighter, and I know you are going to get this job done. So sleep and rest and get bigger and stronger, little Rudy!

    Much love to you and your family.

  7. As Rudy sleeps i pray that God is strengthen him in abundance. Also my deepest pray is for you and Rolf and of course the kids. May you all bless as god walks you through the changes. Miss you my friend, soon you will be home with that precious little boy!!!

  8. So glad the surgery went well and praying for RUdy’s body to have a speedy recovery from it and to continue to get stronger. We praid for you and ROlf last night in our homegroup during this new phase of commuting back and forth. You are a great Godly couple and you continue to be an inspiration to me. I love you guys and can’t wait to meet the little man.

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