One Lazy Sunday

It was a very quiet day here in the ICU.  I can’t say “peaceful” as Rudy struggled during his first two sprints and so they cut them off early and cancelled the one for this evening.  The primary suspect is his nutrition—he just isn’t getting enough calories or protein to get strong.  In his condition, breathing on his own takes a lot of energy and if he’s not replenishing calories then he’s not regaining strength.  His little body has such a delicate balance within which the team needs to work.


So the strategy of packing as much nutrition as possible began this weekend.  They’ve backed him off several medications (Lasix, Octreotide, Fentanyl) because he doesn’t seem to need what they do, but mostly because they represent ccs the doctors would rather have for nutrition.  So they’re stuffing him with the richest mix of TPN (IV feed) they can until there’s a green light for him to start feeding to his stomach again.


This makes for an intricate chain reaction of things we’d like to see fall into place.  Rudy is still on the surgery schedule for Monday to ligate the thoracic duct if the fluid on his lungs doesn’t stop.  Without the drain that fell out on Friday, the team relies on chest Xrays to assess this.  This morning’s looked very clear; let’s pray that tomorrow morning’s is indisputably clear.  Once we are convinced that this chylothorax (the fancy name) is behind us, the team will then re-initiate feedings to the gut—which will allow him to pack in calories and gain muscle strength so he can then make progress on the ventilator.  So, please pray for this all to come together and that there would be clear indicators for the team to make the decisions they need to make on Monday morning.  No curve balls, please!  We could say Rudy is making progress simply because he hasn’t had any setbacks, but it would be very encouraging to turn a corner this week.


One final note my friends at the Rescue Mission will appreciate.  Yesterday, Rudy started methadone therapy to ease his withdrawal from all of the narcotics he’s been on since birth.  So please pray for his recovery—don’t think they have NA groups for folks his age, but we’ll add this who knows how many things he might have to process one day thanks to this whole experience.  I wonder who he needs to make amends to.  The one truth I do cling to is that recovery happens in relationships so I’m extremely glad for all of you friends who are pulling for Rudy to make it on through.

13 thoughts on “One Lazy Sunday

  1. I am pulling for Rudy to make it! He IS strong and I think he gets this from his parents and grandparents. I love Helga and think she is the greatest. I know she passes down lots of strength to you and Trish and also to Rudy. And I am praying–along with many on my blog who are following Rudy’s progress. God bless you all.

  2. Precious baby Rudy–may you be held in the hands of the Great Physician today as He guides your medical team to the perfect care you require. Those freezers full of mommie’s milk are waiting to give you the nutrition you so desparately need. Do you know what? I love you!

  3. Dear Rolf and Trish,

    I am a good friend of Helga’s (Oma) and have been following your journey with Rudy. I have been so touched by your love and dedication to him and each other, and your strong faith and courage, allowing you to have humor and so much compassion for others. My husband Dean and I have been praying every day for Rudy’s progress-I know he is just about to turn the corner! Keep up the good fight, Rudy-you are certainly not alone!

  4. Wow sounds like prayers are being answered!! Praise God for his awesome love for us all. I will be praying all through the day.Love you all so very much….Thanks for being you!!!

  5. Praying for a clear chest x-ray today and no curve balls! Come on Rudy, let’s see you hit this one out of the park! 🙂

    Praying Trish and the other three kids are having a great time together!

    We love you!

  6. HIS heart is for your heart (Rudy) HE received stripes so that we all could be sure of that. We are full of HIS love for you, continually…INTERCESSION. Be whole in JESUS’ name!

  7. GO RUDY GO!!!!

    I know you want to get some real food in your little tummy, honey! I sure hope that your chest x-rays are clear and you can move one step closer to getting stronger and getting well!

    We are praying for you, Little One!!

    Much love to you all!

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