The Plan for today–Surgery

Last night I asked that there would be clarity this morning surrounding the course of action we need to take.  We have that, because the 3AM chest Xray showed an a great deal of fluid on Rudy’s right side, so all parties agree that we’ve given more than enough time for the chylothorax to clear with medication and it’s time to fix the problem surgically.  I wish we would have been able to get past this without having to do another operation, but compared to the one he already had, this is very minor.  They’ll come in through his side and then tie off the thoracic duct so no more lymphatic fluid will come into the chest cavity.

Rudy is an “add-on” case on the OR schedule so it’s not certain when we’ll get called into surgery.  They’ll make sure it happens today, but it will be in between or after the major cases.  So, probably not before noon, but some time before 6pm.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted when I know anything.

On other happenings around the unit.  We were excited for Rick and Nicole as Cody got to go home (but my enthusiasm comes nowhere near Cody’s whose been here for about a month for brain surgery).  I feel genuinely happy for families as they get discharged, though I always sense an awkwardness from the parents–almost a guilt that they’re abandoning us.  I’m certain I’ll feel the same when it’s our time and will struggle to contain my celebration until we’re far away from here.  But regardless of our own difficulties, it’s no fun to watch someone else have to go through it and it sure makes me grateful when people can put this place behind them.  I hope there was lots of happy noise at Cody’s house last night–and that it won’t stop for some time!

Logan moved across the unit over to Cody’s old room on the PICU side late yesterday afternoon.  Pretty nice digs–a built-in couch, cabinets and a private bath, but more importantly it means that he doesn’t need the high-tech CTICU gear anymore.  Be encouraged, Brett and Raime, you’re one step closer!

7 thoughts on “The Plan for today–Surgery

  1. I received my bracelet today, it is a constant reminder of a precious little boy named Rudy who really has captured my heart I am in prayer for todays surgery.

  2. So glad the surgery went well and Rolfie got to hold him! Hope you guys are hanging in there! We are thinking about you lots and praying for Rudy! Let us know if we can do dinner together again soon… We love you!

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