No Tube to Watch

As it turns out, the reason not much fluid was coming from the chest tube yesterday afternoon was because it was falling out.  This can happen–we’ve learned they don’t stay in there forever and, thinking positively, they sometimes fall out because the flow is ebbing.  They did a chest Xray at 3am and saw a small effusion, but nothing critical yet.  They’ll watch this closely over the next 3-4 days.  Not sure what impact this will have on the surgery we were going to have in two days to ligate the duct that is producing the fluid, so that will be this weekend’s minor medical quandry.  Dr. Lee did explain that sometimes the drain coming out and the closed whole allows pressure to build in the chest wall which redirects the fluid.  That’s what could have happened with the left side.  Like the theory; let’s hope that’s the case.

Rudy’s cranky this morning.  He’s had a touch of a fever so they’ve started antibiotics again just in case there’s an infection, but no other signs (low blood pressure, white count) are greatly amiss, so we’ll pray this passes.

Coverage here in LA has shifted to the Sylmar Fire so little is being said about things in Santa Barbara.  While it’s usually fun to see someone you know pictured in the LA Times, it’s startling when  they’re sorting through the pile of ashes that used to be their home.  Peace and comfort to Dave, Jill and their kids.  Just one of several I suspect we know up around Westmont who are dealing with challenges of their own.

4 thoughts on “No Tube to Watch

  1. Rolf, maybe I’ve been around my kids too long but I starting to feel really stupid when I read your posts now…I think I used to know what effusion and ligate meant…But seriously, I was bummed to hear the reason for the diminished fluid draining… I will keep praying for wisdom in regards to the quandry of the weekend. And as far as him being a grump, I’m surprised he’s not grumpy more often, what with people messing with him all the time.

  2. I’d be grumpy too, Rudy. We will pray for wisdom with the doctors to find some answers…easy to fix and good news answers would be the best!

    Be strong!

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