The Plan for this Weekend

Trish went back to SB for the weekend, so I’m here hanging with Rudy.  The 4pm Doctor Parade just came by (OK, they call them “rounds” but it always feels like the former as I step out on our front “porch” and wave as they go by).

After looking at the flourscope study, Dr. Reemtsen feels there is no damage to the diaphragm, making the key concern nutrition and conditioning.  Nutritional status can be determined by checking prealbumin levels.  Rudy’s level is 9; it should be 20.  This confirms the plan of action determined with his chylothorax.  If we can stop the leak, Rudy can retain the protein and nutrients he needs to breathe on his own. 

The only way we will avoid surgery on Monday is if the chest tube output stops completely.  It just dawned on me that Rudy might be a bit of a troublemaker.  They put Rudy on Monday’s surgery calendar three hours ago and since then, wouldn’t you know, the chest drain output has gone down to pretty close to nothing.  Reemtsen is a cool customer, but he wonders if Rudy is trying to drive him crazy.

Turnabout is fair play, so Brian got the last word by sending Rudy on a two hour sprint.  Just because the timeline got extended a bit they aren’t giving Rudy the weekend off.  He’ll be doing three a day as he seems to tolerate these well and every little bit of conditioning helps.

So, I’m looking forward to a weekend watching the tube!

10 thoughts on “The Plan for this Weekend

  1. I love that kid!!! I agree, I think he is a troublemaker…but if that’s his way of making trouble, then let him do his thing!!! I’ll keep praying for zero drainage from the chest tube all weekend long. And keep up the good work on the sprints big guy…

  2. Give them hell Rudy…keep them on their toes. We are watching your every move from CT.

    We are also praying that alll of your friends and family stay out of harms way with those fires- like you need more complications in your life…please give these people a break Lord!!!!

  3. I’m praying like crazy that there is zero drainage by Monday morning and that his prealbumin levels shoot up to 20 by Monday also! Give that doctor something to ponder, Rudy! I can tell that you are one tough dude!

  4. Go Rudy !!! Show them what you are made of !!!!!! Lots of love from your parents and siblings. Lots of love from your nurses and doctors. Lots of love from all your new friends. Lots of love from God and all his angels. You are wonderfully made.

  5. Roff and Trish, we are amazed at your strength. Our prayer is for Rudy to shock the socks of the doc’s! No drainage and a steady climb in the prealbumin game! Prealbumin 20….Surgery 0! Hugs and blessings as your hang with the Rudy dude…and warm mommy moments for Trish as she is home with the children!

  6. Have a good time together Rudy and Rolf. Grandpa Dick and Uncle Steve had a restful snooze or two or three or four between ballgames last weekend while I was with you in California. Hangin’ out is a precious time and we know you two will enjoy it. Keep fighting little Rudy–I am sure God has a special plan for you future as you develop, strengthen and join your brothers on their surf boards and build sand castles with Livy.
    Luv to you both on this cold, wintery morning in Kansas. Dear Lord, thank you for walking us through the days ahead.

  7. I’ve decided that God is using Rudy to remind us of some of His great attributes, like the fact that He often confounds and surprises us, He works on His own timetable which is not revealed to us in advance, He uses the tiniest and weakest to display His glory and He doesn’t always do things the way we’d like but He always seems to bless us in ways we can’t imagine! I’m sure there are more (and I’d like to read how God is revealing Himself to others through Rudy), but it’s obvious that God is at work and does have a purpose in all things!

    Thank you, God, for showing Yourself to us through this precious little baby!

  8. Hi Rudy and Rolf, Glad you fellows are having some time to hang out together this weekend while Mom is having time with Rudy’s brother’s and sister. Grandma Jo came and told me you were a sweet heart of a baby. Now as my grandson, I could have told her I already knew that. Grandpa knows you have a lot of fight left in you, so let’s keep up the good fight and together we will win our battles and get to see one another soon by the grace of God. Good night little one, sleep tight and remember God loves you and so does Grandpa Dick. Good night Rolf. Love, GPD

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