Peace and Comfort to Katie, Alan and Vickie

It was such a comfort to be with everyone last night at the graduation.  In days like these, it’s good to be reminded of God’s power to work miracles and change.  More than that, it was such a blessing to be around people we love who we haven’t been able to see much due to the schedule we’ve been keeping.

No time for a big update now as this morning is going to be one of the rare times we’re all at home together, so we’ll make as much of those hours as we can before Trish and Grandma Jo head back to UCLA.  We’re still waiting to see if the fluid around Rudy’s lungs clears up enough so they can skip the surgery on Monday.  The fluid coming into the drains and the Xrays seem to indicate fluctuating symptoms, so please pray that it would be perfectly clear whether the situation demands surgery or not.

All of this seems so mundane and minor right now as our hearts are with Alan and Vickie at Yale who have come to the end of what can be done for their dear Katie as she battles HLHS.  As similar as our journeys have been, I can’t imagine what they are going through but send them love and prayer as they sit bedside and wait for peace or a miracle. 

This is a brutal monster we’re fighting.

6 thoughts on “Peace and Comfort to Katie, Alan and Vickie

  1. Trish, Rolf
    You are an extraordinary family! I am praying for Katie and wearing my UCLA sweatshirt today for Rudy. I am rooting for him. I will always be checking in on mr. rudy . liz (CT)

  2. Handsome Rudy, enjoy your time with Grandma Jo. Katie and Alan and Vickie remain in our hearts as you will you.

  3. Praying that Rudy’s body cooperates and he doesn’t have to endure surgery tomorrow. I have been quietly following Rudy after hearing about you from Katie, Vicki and Alan. I am a mom of a 9 yr. old HLHS son and my heart breaks for all that they are going through. You really do forget about some of the pain and heartache until you watch someone else go through it…puts everything back into perspective! Best of luck and my prayers continue to be with Rudy and your family.

  4. Praying even harder for Rudy, in hopes that he will be able to skip the possible surgery and really make a leap toward getting off the vent as well.

    I am so sad for Katie, and her family, but I am encouraged to see the posting from Dawn & Steve Bettencourt who’s HLHS son is 9 years old.

    All of our love and prayers are with you all. Please tell Rudy we are all pulling for him each and every day.

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