Missing the Munchkin

I checked the Mannings’ blog just about every time I walked past the computer today.  Just now, I came by and saw the post I had hoped I wouldn’t have to see.  Katie passed away this afternoon and I’m at a loss for words.  I only wish Alan and Vickie, who we only know through our blogs, weren’t on the other side of the country.  They have been courageous parents over the last five months and such a comfort to us.  Now we pray for peace and comfort for them as they mourn their little Munchkin.

3 thoughts on “Missing the Munchkin

  1. How incredibly sad…..so touching that the Mannings asked folks to pray for Rudy….very thoughtful and sweet. They sound like wonderful parents!

    And we will. Praying that the morning will bring a sure word of a definitive course of action for Rudy.

    Loves to you all…

  2. How many lives are touched by people we don’t even know… I’ve been filled with a tremendous amount of feelings about Katie’s story, and yet we’ve never met. Rudy, for as much as he hasn’t met many people, is also spreading a story of the important things in life. He is being used by God, too!

    I love you, Geyling family!

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