Steady and Stable

Rudy had a strong day today.  His numbers held well and we heard few alarms.  One therapy that seems to be working well is the prescription of T3 for his thyroid deficiency.  You might recall that his thyroid function shut down a few weeks back, which would impact his overall vitality.  Having tried some other approaches yesterday they started T3 dosages which, along with the other medications, seem to be slowing the chest drainage.  Yesterday we had 120cc over 12 hours.  Today we have 90cc during the same period.  When I left on Monday it was somethingin the range of 240cc, so we have made clear progress.  Dr. Reemtsen has Rudy in the surgery queue for Monday, but we are praying the trend will continue so that we can cancel this one as well.

In the meantime, we have made progress on sprints off the ventilator.  Yesterday and today, he cruised through two one-hour sprints each day, so thanks for your prayers and please pray that this trend will continue.  Nurses Filma and Denise got a bit carried away doting on Rudy today and ended up putting him in a “snuggle-up” and propping him way up so he could look around.  At first he seemed a bit dizzy, but it grew on him.  Now he looks regal; propped up a bit in a bit of a throne.

It’s 7:15 and Trish and I are going to drive up to SB tonight (yes, I wasn’t joking–our anniversary reservation is at Chick-Fil-A in Oxnard).  It will be fun to all be at home for the first time in a month.  We’re looking forward to a quick visit tomorrow from Trish’s mom.  In light of Grandpa’s radiation starting this week, we’re glad Grandma Jo can steal away for a couple of days to meet Rudy.

8 thoughts on “Steady and Stable

  1. Hey Rudy, your aunt takes T3 too. Does wonders and you won’t need so many cups of coffee anymore! PTL for little steps to encourage all of you.

  2. Steady and stable! Yes! Happy anniversery to you both and Happy 5th week to the Steady and stable Rudy!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE….16 YEARS? We remember you as courting kids just yesterday. Well, they say the first thing to go is memory..! Praise the Lord for the precious gifts He has given you in your children through these years….and the “children in the Lord” that He has given through the years of faithful service. God bless you richly and give you many more years together just as He has us…51 now! Praise the Lord for every moment of progress for dear little Rudy. You are ever in our prayers and on our hearts. Loads of love…Faye and Don

  4. Anniversary Happys! You both look like this agrees with you.

    Rudy is getting so big and looks strong. Continued prayers for wellness.

    With love,
    Katie’s Nana

  5. OK, let me see if I have this right…. Good Sprints, 16 year anniversary and Chick-Fil-A. You guys are having a hell of a day! Congratulations! Have some of those great waffle fries for me.

  6. Rudy, hi there. You’re looking good. I just got back from the graduation, and your mom and dad looked great. I hope you wished them a Happy Anniversary.
    Listening to your mom sing is something I hope you get a lot of. I had a chance to say a quick ‘hello’ to your siblings and I hope to see the whole family together soon.
    My prayers for you are always from my heart. God bless you,


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