Pray for the fluid to stop…

The odd existence we’re living here make times of focused or extended prayer a challenge.  Today, like many days, we uttered a quick “Please, Jesus, let this be a calm day” as we stepped off the elevator on the 5th floor.  Unfortunately we were met with a bump shortly after we got here as we were having a check in with Dr. Reemtsen.  Alarms started to go off and, after a couple nonchalant looks at the screen (the usual first response), the tone got more concerned and then the inexplicable signal went off and six people were suddenly at the bedside dealing with the breathing tube.  Just a few minutes passed and, almost as quickly as they came in, everyone was gone.  No big deal–possibly just an obstruction in the breathing tube.  I’m glad there’s always a couple that check on us before going and we usually lie and go along with the “no big deal” line, but I don’t think we fool them with our ashen complexions and tears welling up.  I don’t think Rudy was ever in significant danger, but I don’t think we’ll ever get used to jolts like this.  Suddenly we’re both in need of comfort foods and are craving Big Macs and lots of french fries (you go to your happy place, we’ll go to ours).

The conversation with Dr. Reemtsen did set forth a plan for the week.  Rudy’s cardiac function continues to be very strong, so much that Dr. Harrison recommended that his next echocardiogram be at his discharge.  Everything they are addressing now has little to do with heart function, the biggest issue being the chylothorax (lymphatic fluid in the chest cavity).  The hope has been that the drainage into the chest drain would taper off, but that hasn’t been the case.  The medicine they’ve been giving him (Octreotide) should have worked by now, but they’re going to give it a few more days.  If there’s no change, the plan is to do another surgery on Thursday to ligate the thoracic duct.  Not a major surgery, but surely one we’d rather not see Rudy have to endure, so please pray that this would heal itself and the flow of fluid to the drains would stop.  So far we’ve seen fluids be very responsive to prayer so let’s channel the same effort that went into producing urine into the ceasing of lymphatic fluid.

Dr. Reemtsen feels that Rudy won’t make much progress until this can be corrected as all of his nutrition is likely just flowing out of his body into the drains.  They are also looking closely at his endocrine system as they are wondering if there’s some steriod deficiency or ongoing thyroid issues that are hindering his ability to move forward.  There’s also been consultation with the infectious diseases team as, though no significant cultures have grown, some of his symptoms (low blood pressure, occasional fevers) are making it tough to rule out).  In any case of extended hospitalization, the threat of infection emerges, so we’re praying against this.

That’s this morning’s update.  In the midst of it all, Rudy is lying very calmly and loves looking up at his aquarium.  I do wonder often what kind of thoughts are going on in his little mind through all of this.

11 thoughts on “Pray for the fluid to stop…

  1. I sent a prayer up and will continue to do so for dear Rudy. I check Rudy’s Beat RSS feed every time I pass by the computer, and it reminds me to pray. Both my girls are sick today, so I can be reminded how hard it is to have sick babies and children. Rolf and Trish, you are so strong and blessed with such wonderful ability to share with everyone what you are going through. I’m proud to be your friend. Bless you guys and I’m glad Wilson (mutant m&m?), Max (Jack S.) and the littlest cowgirl had a great halloween. I left my happy place in that jack-o-lantern of chocolate yesterday…

  2. Yeah, that’s a thought- fluids being responsive to prayer….like the Red Sea, water from the Rock, water into wine. It’s great to know God cares about the fluids in that little room in UCLA….Lots of love and prayers..

  3. We are praying for the fluids to stop draining into the chest cavity. In one month you have all been through so much. May God continue to comfort and uphold you

    Happy one month birthday, Rudy!

  4. Father give Trish and Rolf a gentle breeze of your spirit to refresh them. Give them your peace, that we can’t understand. Please give them a time and place to sit at your feet and feel your arms around them ministering to them. We love you Father and trust in this process you have the Geylings in.

  5. Father God, You are sovereign and merciful! Give the doctors wisdom, give Rolf & Trish strength and peace, and give Rudy a fluid-free chest! In Jesus’ name!

  6. Dear Jesus, please dry out the fluids in Rudy’s chest and strenghten his little body, heal him from all this pain and suffering, so he can finally go home, and enjoy a normal childhood with his parents and siblings. I am praying that he will be home for his first Christmas, and that the Glory of God be revealed in him.
    Faith and Richard Groves

  7. About comfort food–I can live without Big Macs, but I believe manna and french fries are about the only foods to have dropped straight from heaven.

  8. Praying and believing that god will carry Rudy through all of this. He is such a beautiful little guy.Also for strength for the entire family. May god give you triple measures of peace and faith. We love you guys very much!!!

  9. Praise God for Rudy’s high heart function!

    Our family is praying for continued healing for him and protection from infection and for wellness for your whole clan.

  10. Go McDonalds!! I’ll even drive the 90km to South Africa’s McDonald’s for my comfort Big Mac and fries. Although I must say that the whole Big Mac experience looses something without the Dr. Pepper to go with it. Forget Christmas, I’m praying home for Thanksgiving. I know he’ll be home with you in God’s time and will pray that that time is now.

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