Due Date – November 2, 2008


It’s hard to believe today was Rudy’s original due date…my oh my, his birthday seems a lifetime ago. 

We spent the day at his side watching numbers carefully and quietly with the children in tow in the morning and then with a string of longtime friends in the afternoon.  Rudy’s status is stable this evening.  His blood pressure fluctuated most of the day and he did battle a low-grade fever but no major dips like yesterday.  The kids got to see him and talk to him while he was awake and alert which was fun for them.  I was happy for the little bit of time they had with him. 
So, here we are at the start of another week…I’m not sure I have the energy to relay details tonight about Rudy’s condition…in general, it remains the same and although the long wait for “real” progress is wearisome, we remain hopeful…hopeful that this week will hold more milestones for Rudy.  Speaking of milestones, this coming week holds two special celebrations in the life of our family…our 16th wedding anniversary on the 7th and the Rescue Mission’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Graduation on the 8th!  Wouldn’t it be cool to add “Rudy breathing on his own” to the list?!!!! 
P.S.  I’m happy to report that the older kids had a fun Halloween…The boys enjoyed trick-or-treating with special neighbors and Olivia went to her first Halloween Party!  Thanks Katie, Nancy, Jacob, Mason, Brandon and Jannele!

9 thoughts on “Due Date – November 2, 2008

  1. Thanks for the great photos and the update.
    We will continue to keep you all in prayer.
    Our love to Rudy and all as always.

  2. Max, a finer Jack Sparrow I’ve never seen and Olivia, with those fancy boots you’re ready to go dancin’ with Rachel at Billy Bob’s! Ah…Wilson…did you have trouble deciding what to be for Halloween or was your costume picked out by committee? Trish, I assume you hand-sewed each costume without a pattern back in May, right?? By the way, you should see MY costume!

    Burdened with your needs, I’m praying persistently to the only One I know who has the power and authority to make things happen (Luke 18:1-8).

    Hoping with you that a milestone will be reached this week AND that Ty will come in with that bullhorn!

  3. wow! did rudy sure look spiffy in his nicely combed hair for his pictures!! being a geyling, i’m sure it won’t stay flat and combed down like that for long:) wish i knew some kind of why to your ups and downs but praying you’ll be on your way off the vent shortly.

  4. Got back into the office earlier this a.m. from Vacation and am catching up on RUdy and you all. You all continue to be in my prayers and you guys continually amaze me with your strength. THe kids looked awesome and happy in their Halloween costumes. I love the photos and the one of RUdy is soooo cute. 16 years of Lovin’! Too cool! Love you guys, Kelly

  5. What a wonderful time to have, your anniversary. So I am praying for Friday to be a day to celebrate more than your anniversary, but Rudy to be fluid managed, not challenged and back to practicing with no ventilator!! You both are so strong and loving. It shows in the look in his eyes, he will be one character when his mouth is free to express itself!! Maybe you can toast with some of those popsicles down the hall……..

  6. Oh, Wilson…Jonathan just informed me that you are obviously an Optimus Prime M&M. Sorry, I should have known better!! Makes total sense to me now……

  7. Lisa has been keeping me updated with your emails. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during your challenges with Rudy.

    Lisa’s sister Kate

  8. Dear Trish, Rolf and family,

    My prayers are with you constantly. No matter how much Satan tries to attack, God is greater and is with us in all trials and tribulations!! Rudy is just a little doll and what a tough little guy, as are all of you!! I truly believe that his milestone will be added to the list! My email buddies at work are praying for Rudy and all the family. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13)!!

    Lots of love, kisses and big hugs!

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