Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

The Bruin Bear
The Bruin Bear
We started November off right with some family time together on the UCLA campus on, believe it or not, a rainy day!
Some quiet time with Rudy…Sunday Nov. 2nd…
Some Maxi-love
Some Maxi-love
A big smile from big brother...
A big smile from big brother...
Rudy has alot of angels by his bedside...including this one in the flesh.
Rudy has alot of angels by his bedside...including this one in the flesh.
How grateful we are for Oma and Opa and the many friends who have transported the kids back and forth on the weekends to see Rudy.  It’s not an easy way to get to know your new baby brother but how very proud we are of the kids and their efforts to engage in this journey as much as they are able to.  Rudy knows how much he is loved by his big brothers and sister!
There is some good news on the “Rudy Front”…Dr. Brian just came in and said he’s encouraged by the decreased fluid output from the chest tubes!!!!!!  There is little fluid coming out of the left chest tube and although there is still fluid draining from the right side, it IS less!  If the output continues at this rate or decreases even more, he will cancel the surgical procedure on Thursday.  This is great news.  (Thank you, Jesus, for such a tangible answer to prayer!!)  So, we ask that you continue to pray for this fluid to stop draining completely!  Rudy looks a little pale to me today and when he is awake, he’s fussy but his numbers are stable so it has been a quiet morning.  Well, it’s time for my daily cup of soup downstairs…more later!

12 thoughts on “Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

  1. Thank you Jesus!! We will keep praying for the fluid and extra measures of strength for you and Rolf. Love love love youuuuuuuuuuuu.

  2. The power of prayer is known in our family……Rudy’s life is evidence of that. All of our friends and family here in Jayhawk country have been faithful to pray for him from the beginning and are doing so continually. Stay tough, sweet Rudy.

    Grandpa Dick made a stunning recovery from brain surgery on Oct. 7 and he will begin radiation and oral chemo therapy on Nov. 7. Not a great way to celebrate your 16th anniversary, Rolf and Trish, but we will be thinking of you and remembering your unbelievable journey together as a beautiful testimony of faith and service. God loves you and SO DO WE !!!!!! We love the pictures. Thanks, so much.

  3. Prayers are being aswered daily. Please let the fluid stop. The pictures are just filled with love-the children, so precious. Dear Rudy you are sooo loved.

  4. I am encouraged with you. May the tears soon be replaced with laughter and joy as Rudy continues to make progress.

    God is ABLE!

  5. What great photos! What a blessing that the fluid has slowed and will continue to pray for the fluids to move in a positive direction. Love you and look forward to seeing you at the graduation.
    love, Kelly

  6. Dear Rolf, Trish and kids-wonderful photos and great news including that on Trish’s dad. We will continue praying. Rudy looks like he is gaining weight. God is so good!

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