Happy Halloween 2008

It has been a challenging day getting Rudy’s blood pressure stable after the morning attempt at re-inserting the left chest tube.  He is calm and alert this afternoon and the team has decided not to make another attempt at the chest tube today.  They’ll take another chest x-ray in the morning and see.  The good news is that Rudy’s breathing has remained strong throughout the day.  There hasn’t been a need to up the bpm’s on the ventilator and he is holding steady at 14 bpm.  So we continue to wait, wait, wait.  To break up the monotony, we had a little Halloween fun as you can see.  The pediatric patients on the floor had a costume parade earlier today which Rolf and I attended since Rudy was asleep anyway…it was very sweet and they all had a fun time but it was also heart-wrenching to see the kids parade around with their rolling IV towers, etc…  I couldn’t help but think about Wilson (aka Davy Crockett), Max (aka Jack Sparrow) and Olivia (aka a cowgirl) who are, most likely at this moment, getting dressed for their night of candy collecting!!  Have fun little ones!  We’re looking forward to a family visit tomorrow!!

'Not quite sure he likes being a pumpkin...

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2008

  1. Hey Geylings! Hope your halloween is safe and merry! We’re staying home tonight to watch the new Tinkerbell movie! And eat chocolate! Rudy looks so cute and getting a bit chubby? I love pumpkins! Bless you and have an awesome weekend!

  2. The pictures are pretty amazing! I think Rudy looks funny with the glasses. Glad to see you had a fun Halloween….I did too. I love you all!

  3. love the photos, love his cheeks, love the parents in the quirky glasses….hope the other geyling children had a fun & safe halloween.
    thanks for the frequent updates. i look forward to reading about rudy’s journey each day. take care.

  4. The nose job looks great but I’d have somebody look into the excessive hair growth!! Happy Halloween Rudy. Love the pix and the smiles. Praying hard for a great weekend!! love to all. rb, ab and gb too.

  5. He looks like he wants to chew someone out for this outfit. I cant blame him, so I blame Trish. Jen and I have a Zultan the Swordsman of the South outfit that we can lend him, its much manlier! Just dont ask why we have it or when it is used.

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