Another morning mystery…

Rudy had a very peaceful night and we were hopeful that today would be a day of gaining strength for him, but unfortunately he’s run into difficulty breathing over the last couple of hours and the team is trying to figure things out.  They ran a full battery of exams at about 7am which all came back clear (blood tests, chest Xray, etc) but they’ve just ordered a repeat of them all (it’s 11:45).  They’ve backed the ventilator way up and are trying to figure out the low blood pressure.  Another one of those mornings where there’s lots of activity in the room and several hushed conversations at bedside between doctors, nurses and respiratory techs.  I hear the distinctive sound of the Xray machine rolling down the hallway toward our room right now, so we’ll have to clear out.

The kids are showing up in the next hour and I sure wish they would get to see Rudy at his best, but for some reason he’s having a battle during most of their visits.  Right now, he clearly doesn’t like what their doing and is letting us know with one of his silent tantrums.  He’s not making any noise, but as he’s lifting his heart rate above 200 bpm and dropping his O2 saturation below 50%, it’s by no means quiet in here–plenty of racket from all of the alarms.

We’ve had a lot of discharges on the unit.  Hopefully it means a lot fewer kids had to spend Halloween here.  For staffing purposes, they moved just about everyone they could to another wing so it’s a bit of a ghost town on our end with lots of empty rooms.  The upside is I can go into the vacated rooms and exchange our chairs for better ones (kind of funny all the swapping that goes on here as patients leave).

The Xray just came back and it showed a significant accumulation of fluid, so they’re going to have to replace the chest tube.  Up until now, they’ve watched it closely and been a bit surprised that the fluid hasn’t come back, but things have changed quickly since today’s early morning Xray.  So, unfortunately the kids will have about 15 minutes to say hello and then we have to clear out for the procedure.

5 thoughts on “Another morning mystery…

  1. Lord, I don’t know why Rudy is in the shape he is in. The doctors seem to be perplexed, too. But, Heavenly Father, You know the state of things. You also have the power to change Rudy’s condition, to give the doctors insight and understanding about this particular case, to bring about Rudy’s complete healing, if that be Your will. Father, you listen to our prayers and you act. I pray, Father, that You would clear up Rudy’s chest, that You would cause the fluids and the source of the fluids to go away, that You would give Rudy the strength to breathe on his own and that You would cause his heart to do all that it is supposed to do. Do this to Your Glory, Oh God! Heal this precious child!

  2. The days pass by so quickly and we trust this situation will too and Rudy will get some rest and strength to tough it out through this roller coaster life he is living. God knows people all over the world are praying for Rudy and his faithful parents to cope with all they must endure. We are all more and more in love with this beautiful baby each day and we trust that God’s will would give us our hearts’ desires. Keep the faith sweethearts.

  3. Love and prayers that dear sweet Rudy gains strength and the fluid situation clears. Each day I pray for all of you. May the Lord guide you today in all things.

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