4 thoughts on “0211

  1. I think he was peaking all along and was hoping he wasn’t looking at what he thought he was. He probably kept them closed until you took off your faces. Smart boy. Happy Halloween Rudy and Family!

  2. Rudy, you poor little guy. Do you want Grandma Jo to come to your rescue? Your parents need to be checked on and I hope I can do so soon!!! If you want to sleep, just go ahead. They will probably want to wrap you in Christmas lights, too. With your permission, I can have the pscyh ward check them out. Do you know what? I love you.

    Have a good day Saturday and Sunday with your brothers and sister. Actually, I love all of you and your Mom and Dad, too.

  3. OK…. we laughed out loud when we read your Mom’s note…….thank you God for giving us all Mothers…..what would we do without them….they have a way of lifting us up when we need it the most….

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Geyling family!!! We keep reading “rudysbeat” and keep praying for you all! Know you are loved a lot…Curt, Ann & Luci

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