Quick Update–another tube fell out

Just this evening as we were sitting here, nurse Cheryl discovered the drain tube on the other side fell out.  My first response was to get disheartened as it could mean that tomorrow would be a repeat of today where we needed to knock Rudy out for another procedure so that they could re-install it, but the docs have some reason to believe that may not be the case.

When they originally put the drains in, Rudy was swollen up like the Michelin Man, but as fluid drained, the skin around them became looser to where they often lose hold and fall out.  Right when it came out, Dr. Abel called for an Xray so he could look for an air pocket as this could lead to his lung collapsing.  Fortunately, they didn’t any sign of this.  As it was, the doctors were discussing whether to pull that drain today or tomorrow (to prevent infection I think), so please pray that no further fluid amasses and that the medicine they started tonight to stop the fluid from secreting would act quickly.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update–another tube fell out

  1. Oh Rudy! You’re another day stronger and getting closer to getting that vent out so you can let loose and let Mom and Dad hear your big voice!

    You are such a strong boy! I know you are getting better and better, and you will soon have fewer tubes and machines beeping and buzzing around you. And Mom & Dad will actually get to hold you!!

    Many prayers, little one! Keep on fighting, you little warrior! You’re moving in the right direction!

    May the Lord envelope you in his strength and love, help direct your doctors to the right decisions for your care, and give your Mommy and Daddy peace and rest.

    Good night, little one!

  2. Oh, my goodness. What a beautiful baby boy. He joins his other cousins in being eligible for a Gerber commerical. To have been so blessed with our expanding “brood” makes us strut like roosters. We are all looking forward to another family reunion when Rudy and Grandpa Dick will be in the first convertible in the parade….God willing.

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