10-30-08 pics

“Papa” and his mommy Robin…our new friends in the unit who got to go home today!








Our little beanie-boy!  Thanks to Logan’s grandma down the hall, we have another stylish hat with which to charm all the nurses!

7 thoughts on “10-30-08 pics

  1. What a cute little hat ! And he is bright eyes, again !
    He’s getting stronger and stronger !! 🙂
    Hang tight, Rudy, until you get to go home !
    Faith and Richard Groves

  2. What a handsome little guy! Can’t wait to meet him in person! Praying for a peaceful day today with some good steps forward.

  3. What an awesome picture beanie boy! It may be time to change the picture on the banner again – Rudy has changed so much in the last 4 weeks. Birthday greetings from Katie’s friends in Connecticut. Trish our prayers are that you get to keep changing those sheets!

  4. That hat looks like something Grammy would have made…I’m sure she’s smilin’ at Rudy!!

    Praying that today will be a good day and that progress will be made toward vent-freedom! Free Rudy!!!

    PS – Not trying to rile up any impatience on anyone’s part here, but, God does like persistent prayer!!

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