All’s Calm on the Night Watch

As Trish posted earlier today, Rudy settled down nicely today and has spent most of the day sleeping peacefully.  After the commotion yesterday with alarms going off every ten minutes for breathing, blood pressure, O2 and CO2 levels, today has been very calm and quiet.  While he is being treated for infection, there are fewer indicators that this is a major issue.  There are so many factors playing into his condition that isolating one cause is usually unrealistic, but one of the key items might have been decreasing a steroid medication too quickly.  Now that it’s been restarted along with some other adjustments to his medication, he’s got all the numbers in the right ranges–in a deep sleep no less which means he doesn’t have to work at it.

Again, conversations with the doctors–Andy, Abel, Brian, and Ryan–have been very assuring and we were especlally encouraged by Gary Satou stopping by for a sit-down check in just to see how we were doing.  One of our nurses from last week, Denise, stopped by for a comforting chat on her break and ended up cleaning Rudy’s mouth since she couldn’t stand all the gunk from the tape on his lips.  He immediately gnawed on the sponge she was using so I think he’s hankering for some chow–enough with these intravenous feeds.  Right now peaceful sleep is a good thing (and we hope to get some of our own tonight) as it’s helping him summon strength.  There are some decisions to be made about how to proceed with the ventilator, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

11 thoughts on “All’s Calm on the Night Watch

  1. Yeah! I am actually up late enough to see a post when it first hits . . . OK nevermind I shouln’t be up, what’s the old addage, sleep when the baby sleeps . . Oh well. So glad today was a much calmer day. You continue to be in all our prayers here in Lexington. Tori is also continuing to give RUDY blessings every night. Tonight Katie was added to prayers too. We love you guys! Hang in their Rudy . . . Rest now, for when you wake, you will move mountains!

  2. Dear Rolf & Trish,
    We are praying many times each day for Rudy and the whole family. We appreciate being included in your updates, and we marvel at how you are managing all this.
    Love, Gary & Pat Hanson

  3. Gosh, you’ve all been through so much….and Rudy continues to battle along! Rudy was on my mind a lot today…and tonight. I’m glad that you are having a peaceful time!

    Grow strong, little one! I can see you are growing and doing better… Your little heart is getting stronger, too! Sleep now, babe. Tomorrow is another day!

    Much love and many prayers!

  4. Little Rudy, what a warrior ! 🙂
    Still praying for longer breakthroughs, and shorter setbacks, until the final victory !
    I can’t wait to hear that he is all well and coming home to you guys ! 🙂

  5. Praying this morning for this precious little one and all of you. What a bright eyed boy he is. Thanks for your faithfulness in bringing Rudy to us….everyday we watch for news. Bless you as you walk beside him and Jesus walks beside you! xxooR

  6. Hi Honey, Dad is going to try and write to you in Rudy’s Blog. Every day I visit with one of my friends they tell me how much they appreciate reading Rudy’s Blog and how they look forward to it each day. Of course the first thing Mom and I do in the morning is go to the Blog for the latest report on our grandson. Today we are off to K.C. to be checked out by the Surgeon. We plan to have lunch with Steve and Michelle. I was so excited to hear about Max scoring a touch down in his game last week. Please ask him to send me the details as to how he did it. I hope today is a good day for you, Rolf and Rudy. Sure do love you guys. Love, Dad

  7. Trish, enjoyed our chat last night! I woke up this morning convicted that I really needed to pray for Rudy to get off that ventilator. I have this silly image of Ty Pennington coming into the room with this megaphone, followed by all the doctors and nurses, and shouting “Remove those tubes, remove those tubes” and then the big reveal of Rudy’s smiling face (sans any tape or tubes) and everybody erupting into a big cheer.

    Well, it may not be so dramatic, but I am committed today to praying fervently that Rudy will be able to “run” not “sprint” toward the finish line and that you all can move on to the next race. At the same time, as I’m praying expectantly for the ventilator to be removed, I’ll be praying for peace and patience knowing that God’s timing is not always ours.

    Have a great day lounging in the CTICU!! I love you!

  8. We continue to walk through these days with you, in our prayers. We know He IS faithful and will minister to all of you as your need might be. We cannot imagine all you feel, but just know that you are loved and prayed for as well as this precious little Rudy and your little ones at home. What a great drawing….”Rudy is the wun I love”…and us too. Love you lots, Faye and Don

  9. Abba Father, we lift up little Rudy to you today. We pray that you would continue to give him strength. We pray for his “numbers” to all stay within good ranges and that he can continually improve. For Rolf and Trish we pray for strength and wisdom in their dealings with Rudy and with their other three children in SB. For Wilson, Max, and Oliva, we pray that they see the depth of love that their parents have not only for Rudy, but for them as well. For the rest of your families (both blood and adopted through this blog) spread across the country we ask for continued tenacity to stay on their knees in prayer, interceeding on Rudy’s behalf.

    Much love and prayers,

    Will & Lori

  10. Rudy, I woke up this morning and realized that today I have two years of sobriety. I just wanted to share that with you since you have been in our lives for a whole four weeks now – a whole life clean and sober. Wow! People are always asking about my “Rudy bracelet” and they get the complete story of your life. You are in my heart and prayers always. God bless you my little friend,
    Steve S.

  11. Steve–Congratulations on your 2yrs!! We are so grateful for your courage and what God has done for you as you’ve attempted something so heroic. We had to laugh about your affirmation of Rudy’s whole life clean and sober since he’s actually been loaded from the start. The other day when I was looking at all of the lines going into him I found it ironic that, considering my position, I’ve got a little guy who’s actually going to require methadone in the weeks ahead as he’s never experienced a day without narcotics. Praise God for modern medicine–let’s hope this is as close as he gets to this stuff. Thanks for your continued prayers!

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