October 29, 2008 – Happy 4 week Birthday Rudy!

Today is Wednesday October 29th and Rudy was born 4 weeks ago.  Quite a milestone in our little world that is so centrally focused and limited by the boundaries of the 4 walls around us.  Rudy’s condition hasn’t changed much today which is a good thing.  When Rolf and I arrived this morning, he was awake and annoyed!  It was clear he wasn’t happy but it wasn’t distressing for us because it was also clear that he was alert and aware and had alot of fight in him.  His blood pressure was high but all his other numbers were good and by mid-day he had settled down and seemed much more comfortable.  The team allowed him continued rest today and didn’t schedule any sprints off the ventilator but they have gradually slowed down the ventilator rate and he is currently getting 12 bpm which is much lower than the 30 bpm he was getting earlier yesterday.  At this point, everyone on the medical team is iching to get Rudy off the ventilator and there is risk no matter what course of action is taken…so we are praying for wisdom in that decision and God’s life-sustaining support when the tube is finally removed so the little guy doesn’t have to be re-intubated.

It seems I’m the one who got a gift on Rudy’s one month birthday.  This afternoon Rudy’s nurse asked if I could help her change Rudy’s bed sheets.  I jumped out of my chair so quick realizing that I haven’t been able to do ANY practical chores for Rudy and I was thrilled.  At first the nurse had me scoop him up mattress and all as she replaced a sheet that was positioned underneath his little mattress.  But then she very carefully lifted up his body making sure none of his lines were pulled too tight and said “okay, if you could just hold him like this while I pull his mattress out…”!  I was taken aback because I didn’t expect I’d get to actually hold him!  For the first time, I was able to hold him skin to skin during the time it took the nurse to pull his mattress pad out, replace the soiled sheet with a fresh one and slide it back underneath.  Granted, it wasn’t a “hold to your chest and cuddle” kind of moment, but it was exciting just the same! 

After the bedding change, the nurse worked hard to reposition Rudy comfortably and ended up propping his leg up on one of his stuffed animals and I laughed because he looked just like Rolf in one of his favorite lounging positions!!!  (see picture below)



So, all in all, today was a good day.  After sleeping a good bit of the day today, we wish Rudy continued deep sleep and a peaceful night tonight.  We wish you a good night’s sleep too!  🙂

13 thoughts on “October 29, 2008 – Happy 4 week Birthday Rudy!

  1. Happy bday Rudy,

    So glad I could see you yesterday! Some time we’ll give you some birthday cookie!

  2. What a beautiful moment! No matter how small or limited, that skin to skin contact is so healing and nurturing!! Love the leg on the bear, what kind of bear is that? Generic? Polar? Brown? Hmm… bears abound!! Congratulations on such a loving moment. More to come, yeah!

  3. Happy Birthday Rudy!
    Our girls are still praying for Rudy regularly and we enjoy reading the blog and looking at the pictures.

    I was just up at the Oaks for the Directors Conference (no, I am not planning to be a director) but I saw Brian Luke and we talked about the good ol’ days in 1991 at the first staff training up there and realized that we are probably the only ones left on WI staff from that group.
    Have you kept in touch with anyone from that group?
    Trish, do you keep in touch with Katie or Allison?
    I would like their emails if you have them.

    God bless you all.

  4. We are so happy for your, Trish, that you were able to hold him….any hold is a good hold. Praise the Lord. We continue to pray that soon he will be able to breathe on his own. You are loved and prayed for! Faye and Don

  5. Oh what a wonderful birthday present for you Mommy!! Happy birthday Rudy!!
    I am soo very happy for you Trish, to be able to hold that sweet little guy. We continue to hold you all up in prayer as well as thank Him for the strength and faith you both express in your blogs. You both bring great glory to God in this extremely difficult situation.
    When are the lounge pictures of Rolf coming? haha

  6. Oh Trish you were in Heaven, getting to help change sheets! That would have been enough for my Swiffer Sister! But you even got to hold Rudy! God is so good! He provides for us in even the smallest of ways. That is one thing about our God that just amazes me, HE CARES ABOUT THE DETAILS! This journey you’re on (and we’re on with you) is one that we can not predict the details of, but HE KNOWS THEM ALREADY! He has paved the way, and provides just what you need to be sustained in this journey. Thank you Jesus for this little bit on his 4 week birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday little Rudy! Can’t wait to meet you on Sunday…Trish and Rolf, you guys look awesome in every picture taken of you…how do you do it? Love the accessories, Trish BTW.

  8. Trish, your description of being able to hold Rudy for a brief time brings tears to my eyes. I’ll bet it was so special for Rudy too! It won’t be long now, and you’ll be able to REALLY hold that little boy..God is so faithful!

    Praying for continued healing and strength for Rudy! Much love to you all!

  9. Happy Month Day to Rudy, with special added blessings for you Trish & Rolf! Your lives are in His hands — may the Lord continue to lift up each of you in His loving arms.

  10. What a blessed day. I love the pictures and am excited to come meet him soon. Grateful for the good news love you all. Alana

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