Rudy Is The Wun I Love

It’s Tuesday at noon and we’re sitting with Rudy waiting for various test results to come back.  The blood cultures take a bit of time so we don’t quite know what we’re dealing with yet in regards to infection, etc. but Rudy does seem to be more comfortable today which is always a relief.  Last night was troubling for me on many levels but I was fixated on the fact that his eyes were open but they were unable to focus on or track any movement…they just slowly swirled around “looking for something” as he struggled with his breathing- probably due to various medications but it was hard to watch nonetheless.   It was clear he was tired but he just couldn’t go to sleep.  Funny, Mommy and Daddy had the same problem!

Bright-eyed monday morning
Bright-eyed monday morning


What’s amazing AND maddening is how quickly his condition can change.  Earlier in the day yesterday, he was alert, bright-eyed and seemingly close to getting extubated.




Struggling by the evening
Struggling by the evening


By the evening, he was battling a fever, struggling for a breath and just not “with us”.  I tossed and turned throughout the night wondering if we’re still within the expected range of “ups and downs” the doctors warned us about.  After a talk with the doctor this morning, I think the answer is yes.  Rudy tried a sprint this morning and lasted 30 minutes so they stopped the exercise and have decided to let him rest – no more sprints for today.  But they have made some adjustments on his medications as this may have contributed to yesterday’s challenges.


My prayer this morning was that we’d have a day to simply love on Rudy with our presence and our kisses without the constant distraction of monitor alarms going off and procedures for which we need to leave the room and so far that’s the kind of day we’re having. 


Olivia's Masterpiece

It is so clear that Rudy is well-loved by all the artwork that is lining the walls of his room from cousins, friends and siblings…especially Olivia.  This week’s masterpiece from Livy says it all “Rudy is the wun i love”.  How blessed this little man is!  Rolf and I are doing our best to communicate everyone’s love and best wishes to him as we hover over him, talk, and stroke his head all the while trying not to stimulate him too much.  We continue to walk along with Rudy this very fine balancing act.  Thank you for supporting us in the walk.



10 thoughts on “Rudy Is The Wun I Love

  1. My heart goes out to you. The ups and downs are very wearing, but thanks be to a Great God that sustains us through all the ups and downs of this life. I am in prayer for your family.
    Much Love
    Lynn Green

  2. Our sweet Livy Jo keeps us all encouraged with her drawings and crafts. Thank you, Livy. When Rudy gets bigger you can teach him all you know about your talent. You are wun we love, too.

    Keep fighting, little Rudy. We are so proud of your courage and pray you will soon be recovered and without pain.

    We love all of you so much and would fix everything if only we could……….Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jo

  3. Trish, thanks for the mid-day update. I’ve waited anxiously today wanting to know how Rudy made it through the night. I continue to pray that Rudy will keep forward momentum toward the desired finish line.

    PS – Rudy looks like Wilson to me in the picture with the cloth on his head. He’s definitely one of yours AND so blessed in that regard!

    Love to you all!

  4. The bright-eyed Monday morning picture is definitely one of the best!! ….Those big blue Wilson/Geyling eyes!! Olivia’s beautiful art work brought tears to my eyes…so much love went into that picture!!

    Rudy, you are loved!

  5. I love that masterpiece by Olivia! So precious!

    Trish, thank you for maintaining this website. I’m glad to be able to check on Rudy without pestering you. The Bialeks are praying for him.

  6. Again our prayers are with all of you. Thank you for keeping us posted via the blog. We love you and pray God’s peace, patience, comfort and unfailing enveloping love.

  7. Hey There
    I have been following your family as well as Katie Mannings(I used to work with her mom Vicky) Rudy is so cute and he looks like such a fighter. I really think it is so sweet to see the relationships baby manning and baby rudy are forming through this. I will pray for rudy as well . liz (ct)

  8. Hello love. I have been praying for you and your family. Olivia has had a special place in my heart through this and this post showing her picture made me weep with joy. What a sweet spirit she is. My prayers will not stop for you and your family.

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