Another Procedure this Morning

It’s Friday AM and I’m in Santa Barbara.  It’s been great to see people and be in familiar surroundings though my mind and heart are understandably split between two places.  Trish just reported that things in LA are well but (I’ve found I always listen for that word when I check in with the doctors) the fluid around Rudy’s heart did increase overnight and there was a corresponding rise in his blood pressure.  So, the doctors have decided they need to drain it–while they could have taken him back to surgery, they have opted to do it at bedside via another chest tube.  From my distance it seems that there could be any number of reasons for this, not many of them super alarming at this point.  We’ll keep you posted.

Things at home are well.  The kids are certainly glad I’m home and, depending on how today goes, we may try to work this weekend so that they can stay in SB.  Having to go to LA every weekend to see us is wearing on them, so hopefully we’ll be able to spare them the round trip out .

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