Exercising the Lungs

Today was another quiet day in the CTICU.  Rudy was alert kicking his legs and moving his arms all around when he was awake and also had some long stretches of comfortable sleep throughout the day.  His numbers remained stable for the most part.  An echo-cardio gram today revealed some fluid around his heart.  At this point, they will do another echo tomorrow to compare with today’s results.  If the amount of fluid doesn’t change, they’ll keep a close watch…if there is more fluid tomorrow, then they will determine a plan of action to deal with it.  I’m not quite sure what that means but I’m definitely praying the fluid will drain without needing an intervention of some kind. 

The big milestone for today was the “sprints” Rudy took almost off the ventilator.  Late yesterday he tolerated a 30 minute sprint where he was doing 80% of the work.  A big jump compared to the 10 minute sprint he tolerated last week before all his episodes over the weekend.  Twice today he made it a whole hour!  It was uncomfortable for him but the nurse said he tolerated it well and the process of exercising his lungs will be uncomfortable for him.  They’ll continue to do these hour-long sprints tomorrow as well as continue to turn down the breaths-per-minute on the ventilator.  Right now the ventilator is set at 18 bpm…their goal is to get it down to 10 bpm in the next couple of days.  It feels like good progress. 

The older kids are enjoying their visit with Daddy (a bit of an understatement) as Rolf will stay in SB through tomorrow.  They are all enjoying Oma’s goulash as I write!  Yum, yum.  I’ll head down to the cafeteria for my daily cup of soup here pretty soon and enjoy a little visit with UCLA nurse and family friend, Lisa, before she heads home after her 12 hour shift.  I can’t believe we’re at the end of another day…and almost to the end of another week!!  Thank you for your continued prayers for Rudy…our little fighter is working hard – sure to make all those cheering him on very proud!

10 thoughts on “Exercising the Lungs

  1. Yeah Rudy!!! We are cheering you on in KY! CenterPointe will be very happy to hear the news. We’ll be sending prayers your way this weekend during our PrayerFest!

  2. Rudy, you may be “sprinting” now but you gotta know that the Wilson legacy is cross country long distance! Keep up the hard work little Rudy! We’re cheerin’ for you all the way!

    We love you in Kansas!!

  3. Great news, Trish. Quite a week! Rudy is trying so hard, Grandpa Dick gained 10+# at the Rehab Hospital and is steadily gaining strength, Stefanie passed the bar and was sworn in as a state and federal attorney in Indiana, The 4 Wilson kids in Overland Park made all A’s on their latest report cards, Max scored a touchdown in flag football, Wil is gung ho on his school project and Livy is happy now that Daddy awakens her with cuddles and kisses so she goes off to school happy. Can’t top that so far. Yeah, Trish, Yeah Rudy–keep the faith and courage you are becoming known for and remember God does not give us more than we can handle (1 Cor. 10-13). I am soooo proud of all of you ! ! !

  4. Great news !!!
    Praise God for this calm day again… and let’s hope for better performance this week end !
    We love you Rudy !

  5. Hi Trish-Was good to see Rolf yesterday.Praise God that Rudy is doing better. God id so very good and we continue to pray that he will make progress everyday!!!!Love you and you are deep in our prayers.

  6. Hi Trish,

    This is a GREAT report on Rudy’s progress! This little guy is really a champ, and we’re all so proud of him. May God continue to give him the strength and endurance he needs..and you and Rolf too!

    Love and blessings–and a multitude of prayers!


  7. Great news. Keep exercising those lungs, Rudy. We are all cheering for you out here in the middle of the Pacific.

    Katie’s Nana
    Kwajalein Hospital crew

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