Heart Drain in

Trish just got back to the room at 2:15. The heart drain was installed and fluid is draining, so now we have a third pair of generic fishing bears.  Rudy’s blood pressure and heart rate immediately changed for the better. Now we just need to pray it’s the right kind of fluid. If it’s “the wrong kind” it could mean another surgery. Waiting for word from the lab….

One thought on “Heart Drain in

  1. I know we are all praying for Rudy, I watch the daily’s on his progress, was worried when I didn’t see one for yesterday.. glad to see today he is getting stronger and is breathing on his own for longer periods at a time..I am sending my prayers for the family as well as Rudy who continues to be on my daily prayers, love to all the family. Virginia Gough

    Sent 10/23

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