Not Quite the Calm Day we Prayed For

Rudy’s been on quite a ride today.  The weekend had activity enough, so as we walked into the hospital this morning, Trish offered up a quick prayer for a calm day with no surprises.  But that wasn’t to be.  It’s now just about six and we’ve sat here at Rudy’s bedside for the longest stretch so far today—about 40 minutes.  Rudy underwent three procedures today that had us out of the room for as much as 2hrs each time.



When we came in this morning, he looked plump as a turkey due to infection and the fluids he was retaining.  The skin on his torso was stretched taught and shiny from all the stuff in there.  Through the night, the doctors were very concerned with keeping his blood pressure high.  When we left last night the alarm for low blood pressure seemed to be going off every three minutes and that pattern continued.  By this morning, they put him on another dose of paralytics and sedatives so that the team could regulate his blood pressure and ventilation without any movements of his interfering.  While this was still categorized as part of the “ups and downs” it was an emotional step backwards to see him immobilized like he was around the surgery. 


They decided to insert two chest tubes to drain the fluid off his lungs.  The fluid coming from the left side bore evidence of infection, which confirmed the course the team had started with antibiotics a couple days ago.  Fortunately, it was determined that the fluid was just “milky” and not “puss-y” (finally some medical terms we understand)—the latter would have been signs of a more advanced infection that would have set things back further.  Almost immediately after the drains were placed, his body looked remarkably deflated and both his blood pressure and breathing began to improve.  Relieving all that pressure made it easier for his blood to pump and his lungs to work.  As we walked back into his room, we were asked to give consent for the insertion of a new IV catheter line into his chest which meant we had to leave again.  Unfortunately the nurse was not able to place the line through his little arm veins (something they warned us might happen) after multiple tries, so after a brief return to his bedside it was decided that Dr. Kelly would put in a chest port, so even though we were running out of lobbies to sit in, we stumbled out for another hour or so.  This procedure went well and an X-ray confirmed that the line was in the right place so now Dr. Abel and Nurse Katrina are making final adjustments next to me as it’s getting dark outside.


The vital signs and labs are looking good.  They’ve backed Rudy off most of the medications and he’s starting to wake up.  A few minutes ago, the alarm went off for high blood pressure which is something we haven’t heard in awhile.  The ventilator has been turned down to 30 breaths per minute after being above 40 the last few days.  The team feels good about how he looks, but we can’t help feeling he looks a bit pale and wiped out considering the day he’s had.  Here’s praying for a night of rest and that calm day to be tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Not Quite the Calm Day we Prayed For

  1. Thank God for good vital signs and labs!!! Peace and rest to Rudy and his parents tonight….please, God..

  2. We are praying for you guys! What a rollercoaster ride you are on with Rudy! Father God please give Rolf & Trish the endruance they need to run the race you have set before them. You are the Great Physican Father, work your healing hands on Rudy. Father provide the team of doctors & nurses working with Rudy wisdom and discenment in the course of actions to take in each and every situation that arises. But most of all Father I am reminded, that every hair on little Rudy’s head is known by you, and you know every breath, every complication, every step of Rudy’s recovery before we experience it here. Lord let us draw comfort from that. Father give Wilsom, Max, and Livy supernatural peace in this time away from Mom and Dad and worry for baby brother. Let them me surrounded by your love and give all their cargivers (teachers, friends, oma & opa) extra doses of grace and understanding during this time. Father God we thank you for Rudy! In Jesus name we pray!

  3. That little guy is in our hearts, thoughts and prayers 24/7!!!!

    Psalm 27:14

    Wait for the LORD;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the LORD.

  4. Rudy is a real fighter,and so very precious! We are praying for him, along
    with your whole family.
    Love, Lucy and Kim

  5. I have nothing more to add to these posts and prayers, just wanting to let you guys know we are constantly thinking of you. This blog and the pictures make it seem like we are there with every up and down, although obviously you guys are feeling it to the very bone…I can’t stop thinking about Rudy and all the Geylings, which is a good thing. Cruz found a picture of Rudy that I had printed from the blog that had somehow gotten lost. He studied it for the longest time and asked questions about every little tube and “band aid” on Rudy. Then he put it back on the table where we eat so we’d always remember to pray.

  6. We love you guys and are praying for you. I am so sorry to hear the roller coaster ride you are on emotionally and difficulties that Rudy is facing. Words can not describe how difficult we know this is for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Tom and Deb

  7. Thank you so much for sending me the announcement of little Rudy’s birth. Please know I share your joy and concern. I’m reading through this amazing website, and will check each day to stay informed. I know this dear little boy was born to a wonderful family, and is getting the very best medical care. He is in good hands.

    Please give my greetings to Wilson, Max and Olivia, if they remember me. What a lot they have to deal with at their young ages. I’ll send a letter soon, if you ever feel up to reading more. Meanwhile, my love and thoughts are with you all.


  8. No, not quite the calm you prayed for, but how thankful we can be that He is in the EYE of the storm and things are never out of control with Him. My how we pray for His peace to fill your dear hearts continually in these very difficult times and how all of us are praying for moment by moment renewed strength for this little warrior. It is exciting to really feel that he knows and recognizes your voices and faces…he must because of the rise in blood pressure when his eyes are open and he sees you! You stay on our hearts and in our prayers. Faye and Don

  9. Hello, Rolf and Trish-have been praying for you all, the kids and of course little Rudy and your Dad. Do praise the Lord with you that Rudy’s infection wasn’t any worse. Will keep trusting with you for his complete recovery and your peace of mind. Love, Brent and Judy

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