Clearing Rudy’s Chest

The doctors are watching Rudy closely and just asked us to leave so they could put in some drain lines to get the fluid off his chest. Fighting the infection is the primary focus right now. They have put him on paralytics again so he doesn’t move as that could have averse impact on blood pressure and fluids in his body.

14 thoughts on “Clearing Rudy’s Chest

  1. Hey guys, Just found out from Alex today about all that is going on. Know that we are praying for you and little Rudy during this difficult time.

  2. I’ve been keeping track on your posts and the more I learn the more effective I feel my prayers are. Thanks for keeping it updated; Rudy’s health is being lifted up here in IL.

  3. Still checking in with you via the blog a few times daily…Sometimes my prayers for you all are “formal” and expressed with words…Lots of times they really are the groans of my heart as I read and hold what I read…Much love…

  4. hi, rolf and trish. we talk of your whole family and pray for you everyday. baby rudy looks so cute on our frig. and the kids are in love with him.

    will call soon…hoping that hank and i can come on friday.
    love you guys.

  5. What a hard time it is right now. We are praying for you and Rudy, may you have strength and find peace at each gain. Praying for fluid to leave his body, and to be able to regain his independent steps. Our hugs to you all.

  6. We too are following your updates on Little Rudy each day, and our hearts and prayers are with you every step of the way…. This truly is a very difficult time, and we can only hope that Little Rudy gets stronger so that his little body can start to recover !!

  7. Hi Rolf and Trish,
    Thank you sooo much for the daily updates on little Mr. Rudy. As one person said, the more I know, the better I know how to pray, PLUS I work in a nicu here in San Diego and know about some of the things that little Rudy and you are going through, so that makes it better to know how to pray also. He is in a GREAT place at UCLA for all that he has going on. A teaching hospital is the best place to be. You are blessed beyond belief with all of the support and prayers on little Rudy’s behalf. I am praying fervently and constantly for all of you and today specifically for the fluid to be able to drain effectively and that little Rudy will gain an immeasurable amount of strength in the next few hours and days so that he can continue to FIGHT. Blessings and love to all of you, Patti and Art Hyss

  8. Still praying for Rudy – everyday the sun shines on his life is a victory. May God’s angels see him through the night and clear his body frum unwanted fluids.

  9. To Trish Rolf and the wonderful Geyling kids,
    I have been following your journey since I got your e-mail re the ultrasound results.Congrats on your beautiful son. His announcement is on my fridge and my prayers for you guys are non stop.Thanks for keeping me in the loop. The daily blog really helps. I pray for oh so many things for you guys but strength and courage seem to be what keeps popping up in my thoughts. Prayer is surrounding you and little Rudy as you go from moment to moment in this tough journey.If I can be of any help please let me know. The kids are welcome at my home any time, if that would be of help.Tell them no shots! tee hee! Love you guys,

  10. As one of the above comments about prayer was made that sometimes their prayers are more formal and other times with groans of the heart, that is how our prayers go too. There are so many directions to pray for you and we try to cover them all. Your sense of humor in the midst of crisis is refreshing and is evidence that you are being able to keep a balance.
    May the God of all peace keep your hearts and minds in the palm of His hands.
    Jan and Lyle

  11. I think about Rudy every single day. I am always reminded of God’s great power—those things that doctors can do, and we, as lay people can do. the power of will, giftedness, faith and prayer. You are surrounded by the Lord’s grace. Ps.40 He will plant your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand.
    Betty and Michael

  12. Rudy is on my mind as much as Jude (my grandson, born last April after a harrowing 3 final months in utero) was and still is. These two precious little ones are brought before the Father so much they must have their own special prayer pathways to Heaven. As always, I am entreating for Rudy’s perfect healing! May the Lord continue to uphold you with His peace and strength.

    Love in Jesus, Nan

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