Hospice and Highlights

Thanks so much for the kind messages and comments in response to our last post.  It’s overwhelming in a good way and even though we can’t reply to almost any of them, it is a huge comfort to know the incredible group of people near and far who are walking with us in this.

More than once this past two weeks, it’s been explained to me that “hospice is about more than just the end of life”.  Seems like a re-branding campaign that cratered before even reaching the end of the runway.  This isn’t all happening because Trish is under the weather.  The disease is visibly very present and progressing; seemingly robbing of her something everyday.  Cynicism aside, we are so grateful for skilled and compassionate guides walking us through scary and unfamiliar territory–much like those who came around us with a critically ill child.

The emphasis has been on keeping Trish comfortable and we’re so grateful that we’re able to do that here at home…but that doesn’t mean we were completely confined there.  Last weekend Olivia had a lacrosse tournament and I guess it would take something more than being on hospice to keep Trish away.

Worth the effort to mobilize for a beautiful afternoon at the Polo Club.
Glad that Uncle Steve, Aunt Michelle and Cousin Emma could come watch Livy and the Chargers!

Olivia’s week went from Beast to Beauty as this last Friday was the Homecoming Football game.  As most probably already know from social media posts, it turned out to be a storybook night…

Arriving with the court at halftime….
I knew she’d win, but did a pretty good job feigning surprise at the announcement.
Dos Pueblos High’s 2019 Homecoming Queen
I guess this makes us all royalty.

Hard to sum up such a week of extremes, but we’re just embracing whatever life throws at us.  It seems weird to have celebration alongside such struggle but that’s also what’s making it bearable.


19 thoughts on “Hospice and Highlights

  1. Hello, I didn’t leave a comment
    on the blog, but I did send Trish a private message via Facebook. I don’t know if she’s has seen that yet. Would you be able to share it with her? My husband and I have been praying daily for Trish and for your whole family. Love to you all!

  2. So much love to you all as you care for one another. So excited for Olivia – she is a queen in all things❤️ Praying for His peace which passes all understanding. Xoxoxo

  3. Oh oh oh, Rolf, I have chills! You, Trish & your family continue to amazing me in the midst of all that is going on within your family! You find the good in each situation. I am praising Jesus with you for this report. Trish has been so heavy on my heart with the news in the last post. You all are truly never far from my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis. I thank you for sending this update. Trish’s eyes sparkle in these pictures and i think i see her sweet smile in the picture with Queen Olivia. Lord fill these precious people with your Joy! Thank you for all who come along side of them each and every day to help do what must be done. Fill each one with Your strength, Your peace, Your wisdom, Your guidance, Your rest and most of all fill them to over-flowing with Your indescribable Love! Lord they are such a wonderful example of a Lover of Jesus. We have so many unanswered questions, yet they remain rooted in You and You alone for each moment and what it will bring. Bless them Lord as You carry them along! In the Powerful Name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Rolf, Thank you! Please hug precious Trish for me and i am sending a group hug for you all as well!

    1. I love this, & it has become my prayers for this amazing family too. Trish & Rolf are a godly inspiration, & Olivia is truly a beauty queen, as I have heard, in so many ways. Sent with love & prayers, Gail

  4. Congratulations Olivia! Your family continues to shine with love. Hugs and prayers to you all. Kelly

  5. Dear Trish: We are praying for you daily, holding up you and each member of your family.
    Please know that your great parenting continues to bear fruit in your children’s newest friendships (i.e. with my son Christopher). God’s Grace and Peace to us all!

  6. Proof that Olivia is just as lovely on the outside as she is on the inside! Just like her Mom. Praying that Jesus tightly holds your hand, Trish, as He leads you on this journey to His home — glad you can enjoy your family along the way.
    Love You,

  7. I drift off to sleep and wake up praying for all of you in this sacred space. It is hard, it is scary, and it is holy in ways I cannot explain. So grateful she could be where she wanted and needed to be with Livvy. Grateful extended family is around. Grateful for you, Rolf, and your commitment and loving care. Thank you for including those of us in the outer rings of love and concern. Prayers continue…

  8. What sweet, real, beautiful photos of your world! Thank you for sharing them! Congratulations sweet Olivia! I continue to pray for you Trish and your precious family! I pray regularly that you will ALL sense God’s nearness and love and that you each feel His peace deep in your soul. You are all so loved!! ❤️

  9. Dear Geyling Family,

    So thrilled and heartbroken all at once. Inspired by your family’s grace and beauty through the darkest night as represented by Olivia’s crowning! 🙌😍👑Heartbroken to learn Trish continues to PHYSICALLY deteriorate. 😭 Praying for you all daily. Love you so much!!✝️

  10. With gratitude for each of you and thanks for continuing to share photos, letting us be part of your journey. LOVE seeing Trish at the polo field and at homecoming! Such beautiful photos and congratulations to beautiful Queen Olivia. Continuing in prayer.

  11. What a wonderful post.What a wonderful family. It melted my heart to see Trish watching .with her eyes lit up with so much love..I want to rip through the computer screen and hug you all! 🙂

  12. Congratulations Olivia! So much Light and Love surrounds your whole Family. Blessings to you Trish, I am so glad you were able to be with your Girl on that special night. I am so humbled by your continued courage, strength and grace. Sending Love and Hugs to you and your Family. Jenene P.

  13. Thank you for sharing the updates about Trish. You have a beautiful family that has demonstrated such love and courage through some very difficult times. I remember her and I screaming with joy when she found she was pregnant with Olivia. That was such a fun Please tell Trish Ron & Louise says hello! moment. Please know that our prayers continue to be with your family. She is loved by many people!

  14. Thank you for sharing this personal journey with soooo many. Your family has been an exceptional example of love and strength. I am thankful that Trish was able to attend the Lacrosse and Homecoming……Prayers and energy to you and your family.

  15. My deepest condolences for your loss. Trish was an incredible woman and I know she made a lasting impression on everyone she met. I am so very sorry that she is no longer here with her family but I’m sure she is watching over all of you while holding Rudy.
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers

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